Last commit made on 2021-08-18
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fcac40c... by Manuel Moos

Update release notes with Ubuntu changes.

392871b... by Manuel Moos

Ubuntu deployment update

groovy goes out, impish comes in

c963260... by Manuel Moos

Fall back to old style initialization

On, we're not on C++11 yet.

7f38985... by Manuel Moos

Add define marking XCode compilation

This was supposed to go to two commits ago, into
but I forgot to save the edit.

e70a091... by Manuel-moosnet

Merge: Make build compatible with MacOS with dependencies from macports

See merge request armagetronad/armagetronad!113

8f69181... by Manuel Moos

Restrict special handling to OSX version built with XCODE

The version built with autoconf/automake should behave like
in Linux when it comes to directories.

some more

565625b... by Manuel Moos

Correct LIBS for MacOS compilation

(The part that was reported)

a24aad1... by Manuel-moosnet

Merge: Better cancel on obsoletion

See merge request armagetronad/armagetronad!109


799d2dc... by Manuel Moos

Use new obsolete pipeline detection

The old method used to drop some marker file in a directory
made available by later runs and would not work across different

ef3f8bb... by Manuel Moos

Add script that checks gitlab API for newer pipeline runs