Last commit made on 2021-08-18
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fbb93ff... by Manuel Moos

Merge from release_0.2.8.3

392871b... by Manuel Moos

Ubuntu deployment update

groovy goes out, impish comes in

83efa64... by Manuel Moos

Also skip build_collect and pack on merge requests

They don't work unmodified (no steam) and serve little purpose.

45e00a2... by Manuel Moos

Only do macOS builds on protected branches

2351b4a... by Manuel-moosnet

Merge: Less work for macOS build

See merge request armagetronad/armagetronad!125

fd32175... by Manuel Moos

Redo bootstrap in root source for macOS

Make tries to re-run it, but fails because of symbolic links
going to wrong places.

11b0b85... by Manuel Moos

See if we can make the macOS build use build_prepare

d418b6c... by Manuel Moos

Make sure that RemoveFromGame leaves player without team

Required on 0.2.8 to make the previous fix for #98, developed
against 0.2.9, work.

289f216... by Manuel Moos

Do not send team change messages for other players

In ePlayerNetID::RemoveFromGame, only send team change messages if
the player still is on a team. They are, at best, redundant; at worst,
they are illegal, because the function is called on the client on
destruction of ePlayerNetIDs that used to belong to other clients
and that have been taken over by now.

the client part of it.

651d4f5... by Manuel Moos

Properly handle language files

Just pack them to EXTRA_DIST for distribution
Have a single _DATA definition for installation

This prevents the language files from being installed twice,
hopefully really fixing spurious macOS build fails.