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b66d427... by Manuel Moos

Merge with mainline

e9234fb... by Manuel Moos

Merge from

cffac67... by Manuel Moos

Check that a client is allowed to send netobjects before changing any state

Add a static AcceptClientSyncStatic() method to nNetObject classes to
report that permission to the system before any objects need to be created.

Previously, that was the sole responsibility of the virtual AcceptClientSync(),
which required that we allow the object the client sends to be created, which
already can cause damage. Furthermore, the cleanup in the case where creation
should not be allowed was faulty and crashed.

763d3f8... by Manuel Moos

Merge docker/gitlab ci experiments from

1f6e8d5... by Manuel Moos

Remove only: section

Well, that was illegal. See if we can remove the offending section.

806741c... by Manuel Moos

Move common defs into global section

Not sure if this is legal, but we'll see: Move things I expect
to be identical in every future build job to the top.

e075e93... by Manuel Moos

Add basic dockerignore file

b6d8cfe... by Manuel Moos

Configure yaml to work with local runners

Follow docs from here:

 - pin image versions for docker in docker (dind) build
 - add TLS variable to disable TLS use
 - explicitly request overlay2 docker driver (rumors say it performs better)

6d63915... by Manuel Moos

Define stages

We only do build, but the default name for no-stages in gitlab
seems to be test.

300c634... by Manuel Moos

Add ci yml file

So, I haven't fully read the docs, but with just the dockerfile,
gitlab CI runs some tests completely unsuitable for us. Maybe
this file overrides those.