Last commit made on 2018-12-30
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48281f7... by Kyle

Merge with mainline

d80c0a3... by Kyle

Merge with mainline

31844f1... by Kyle

Merge with mainline

f191295... by Manuel-moosnet

Merge branch 'eclipse-ignores' into 'legacy_0.2.8'

Added eclipse ignores (patch by Light)

See merge request armagetronad/armagetronad!1

450266e... by Manuel Moos

Added eclipse ignores (patch by Light)

ff97a86... by Manuel-moosnet

Added .gitignore (merge from master).

d326ca0... by Manuel Moos

Making char buffer sprintf targets larger to silence warnings.

29e8649... by Manuel Moos

Fix for bug #180489: Do not check null->IsSilenced(). Also, check whether the SENDER of a vote is silenced, not the receiver.

f397709... by Manuel Moos

Another fix for a silly auto_ptr null dereference.

e996c59... by Manuel Moos

Softening GCC's fallthrough warning. The cases we have are on purpose and have been marked accordingly with comments (which GCC notices).