Last commit made on 2010-06-30
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56b3744... by Yann Kaiser

Fixed missing / in default prefix.

5c8dd77... by Yann Kaiser

And the string joins the list, not the opposite.

ddc3093... by Yann Kaiser

Fixed a rather bad outputting mechanism in the version generation script

d1f7732... by Yann Kaiser

Using set instead of unset to keep compat with cmake 2.6

5e87db7... by Yann Kaiser

Fixed config/examples/examples/ bug.

b61e525... by Manuel Moos

Bumped down boost version requirement, 1.34 does the job just fine.

116d987... by Manuel Moos

Removed 'with' construct, it was the only thing demanding python 2.6.
No exception handling code was added as replacement, doesn't seem
worth it that far down in the script.

6ccd65c... by Manuel Moos

Fixed library search path: /usr/local/include -> /usr/local/lib.

41f0433... by Manuel Moos

Added /usr/local/include to search path for protobuf headers.

71ac483... by Yann Kaiser

For windows builds, install dependencies too.
Made the installer look like previous releases'.