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51. By arky on 2010-06-18

reverted changelog conflict

50. By arky on 2010-06-16

Fixes inaccessible install/remove buttons (LP: #538404)

49. By arky on 2010-06-16

Adds accessible names to Install/Remove buttons

48. By Gary Lasker on 2010-05-21

* softwarecenter/view/channelpane.py:
  - Fix broken channel list views (LP: #583545)

47. By Michael Vogt on 2010-05-20

[ Matthew McGowan ]
* merged lp:~mmcg069/software-center/backforward-redraw-fix
* make the overlaywithpixbuf cellrenderer inherit from a text
  cellrenderer, does away with the need to have 1px column in the
  appview for accessibility reasons.
* add nice animation to pathbar elements

[ Olivier Tilloy ]
* fix LP: #564785:
  "each row has a progress bar (which itself never contains any text)"
* show download completion status (LP: #460888)
* add "bottom border" effect (LP: #439621)
* add "history" GUI that reads /var/log/apt/history.log
* Re-claim used memory after updating an existing AppStore with a
  new one (LP: #577540)
* Fix the database update when run with a Turkish locale
  (patch by M. Vefa Bicakci). LP: #581207
* Make buttons activate on mouse up, fix other inconsistencies
  in list view button operation (LP: #514835)

[ Jacob Johan Edwards ]
* merged lp:~j-johan-edwards/software-center/smooth_search, this
  massively improves the search and stops it from flickering
  (LP: #570682)
* merged lp:~j-johan-edwards/software-center/action_bar that provides
  the foundation for the "custom packages list" branch
* merged lp:~j-johan-edwards/software-center/unbranded_icons to
  provide a set of unbranded icons for e.g. Debian
* merged lp:~j-johan-edwards/software-center/custom_lists to
  implement https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter#Custom%20package%20lists

[ Ken van Dine ]
* allow sharing apps via gwibber and apturl

[ Julian Andres Klode ]
* merged lp:~juliank/software-center/debian that include fixes and
  updates for the new python-apt 0.8 API

[ Kiwinote ]
* data/featured.menu.in:
  - Update featured applications list per Desktop team (LP: #548534)
  - Feature 'fretsonfire-game' rather than 'fretsonfire' (LP: #538646)
* softwarecenter/view/app.py:
  - Set correct sensitivity of 'edit > undo,redo,cut,copy,delete,select_all'
    (LP: #439613, LP: #530194)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* softwarecenter/view/appview.py:
  - simplify application list buildup and improve responsiveness
* softwarecenter/view/*pane.py:
  - fix crash when ngettext is translated without %s format
    (LP: #449053)
* add test/Makefile and ensure all tests are run in the bzr-buildpackage
  pre-build hook
* softwarecenter/db/database.py, softwarecenter/view/appdetailsview.py:
  - add "StoreDatabase.get_iconname()" and use it
* softwarecenter/view/appview.py:
  - small cleanups
* softwarecenter/view/availablepane.py:
  - add iconnames when installing custom lists
* softwarecenter/view/pendingview.py:
  - look for "appname" and "pkgname" (in this order) when showing
    the progress information
* update about (LP: #566571)
* merged lp:~apulido/software-center/mago_fix (many thanks to Ara Pulido)
* data/unbranded-software-center.desktop.in:
  - add unbranded desktop file
* softwarecenter/distro/__init__.py:
  - add new "get_app_name", "get_app_description" methods for easier
    branding of downstreams

46. By Julian Andres Klode on 2010-04-29

* Merge from Ubuntu lucid branch.
* debian/control:
  - Only conflict with gnome-app-install versions << 1 (Closes: #579534).
* softwarecenter/view/catview.py:
  - Use "Software Center" instead of "Ubuntu Software Center" on non-Ubuntu.
* debian/rules:
  - Do not use "Debian Software Center", but "Software Center"; and replace
    "for Debian" with "for your system" (Closes: #573776)

45. By Michael Vogt on 2010-04-27

[ Michael Vogt ]
* debian/control:
  - updated Vcs-Bzr location to point to lucid branch
* softwarecenter/apt/aptcache.py:
  - fix flickering when a application is instaleld (LP: #563163)

[ Olivier Tilloy ]
* data/templates/AppDetailsView.html:
  - fix missing padding for small details window sizes (LP: #560026)
* softwarecenter/view/widgets/searchentry.py:
 - Set the search entry's text color to black when not empty.
   This makes it readable on dark themes with a light text color by
   default (LP: #500174)
* softwarecenter/app.py:
  - avoid 100% usage when waiting for software-sources to finish
    (LP: #459521)
* softwarecenter/view/navhistory.py:
  - keep the search terms updated to ensure the navigation history
    always has the latest used search terms (LP: #537512)

[ Kiwinote ]
* data/featured.menu.in:
  - Update featured applications list per Desktop team (LP: #548534)
  - Feature 'fretsonfire-game' rather than 'fretsonfire' (LP: #538646)

44. By Michael Vogt on 2010-04-18

* softwarecenter/view/appview.py:
  - improve responsiveness of the listview by caching the
    rendered icons (LP: #556290)

43. By Michael Vogt on 2010-04-16

[ Olivier Tilloy ]
* When computing the size of a PathPart, always set the requested height
  of the parent PathBar. This prevents the navigation bar from
  "disappearing" (its height was somehow set to 1) (LP: #564042)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* cherry r730 lp:~mmcg069/software-center/minor-change/changes:
  - fix CellRendererAppView text rendering when using hicolor gtk theme
  (LP: #564694)
* softwarecenter/view/viewswitcher.py:
  - fix displaying duplicated entries in the partner channel
    (LP: #564789)
* softwarecenter/view/availablepane.py,
  - only send size information signals if we actually have a model
    (LP: #564756)
* softwarecenter/view/availablepane.py:
  - if we get a "search-terms-changed" signal while in the applicatin
    details page it got delivered asynchronously and must be discarded
    (LP: #563524)

42. By Michael Vogt on 2010-04-15

[ Michael Vogt ]
* softwarecenter/view/channelpane.py:
  - fix crash when gdk window is not (yet) available (LP: #560320)
* softwarecenter/view/appdetailsview.py,
  - do not show "Free" for packages from the partner repository, we
    don't know the status of the freeness there (LP: #552830)
* merged lp:~vish.../software-center/avoidmonochromeicon, many thanks
* re-enable action button if confirm dialog got canceled (LP: #562810)
* merged lp:~zkrynicki/software-center/improve-html, many thanks
  (final bits for LP: #455320), add simple test

[ Matthew McGowan ]
* softwarecenter/view/availablepane.py:
  - ensure we have a model before sending changed signal (LP: #560967)
* softwarecenter/view/dialogs.py:
  - ensure image size does not grow out of proportion (LP: #560021)
* softwarecenter/view/appview.py:
  - make rows more dynamic (LP: #557798)
* softwarecenter/view/widgets/pathbar_gtk_atk.py:
  - fix resizing bugs in style-set events

[ Gary Lasker ]
* softwarecenter/view/navhistory.py:
  - clear forward navigation history items from the
    stack on an direct navigation, fixes regression
    (LP: #563128)
* softwarecenter/view/channelpane.py:
  - ensure we have a model before sending app-list-changed
    signal (LP: #560716)

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