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15. By arky on 2010-02-13

String Fix (LP: #357212)

14. By Mario Limonciello on 2009-02-24

* debian/libsmbios-dev.install:
  - Install include files to the right place.
  - Make sure to install development files for libsmbios_c too.
* debian/control:
  - Conflicts with libsmbios-bin.

13. By Mario Limonciello on 2008-11-21

* New upstream version. We're jumping ahead of Debian here because they are
  in a freeze still, but we want all the python support for jaunty.
  (LP: #318518)
* debian/rules:
  - Adjust find command
  - Add sysconfdir option
  - Adjust the chrpath behavior to only
    work on old legacy C++ binaries that
    aren't yet ported over.
  - Run dh_link in arch dependent section
    for smbios-utils to get links populated.
* debian/libsmbios2.install:
  - Make sure to install both C & c++ libraries
* debian/control:
  - Add python library.
  - Rename libsmbios-bin to smbios-utils
  - Remove references to smbios-tools
  - Add build dependency on libxml2-dev
  - Add build dependency on pkg-config
* debian/python-libsmbios.install:
  - Installs python functions
  - Install CLI library
  - Install etc/ directory
* debian/smbios-utils.links:
  - Install compatibility links for deprecated
    binary names that are /known/ to be used
    in other packages.
* debian/libsmbios-doc.install:
  - Adjust to install all documentation that upstream would
    like distributed.
* debian/libsmbios-dev.install:
  - Adjust includes for headers for both libraries.

12. By Jose Luis Tallon <email address hidden> on 2008-10-01

[ Jose Luis Tallon ]
* New upstream version (Closes: #494316)
  - merged enhancements from Ubuntu (thanks, guys)

* debian/control:
  - Drop build depend on libxml2, xml packages since they are no longer
  supported upstream
  - Build libsmbios2 packages (soname bump)
  - Add dpatch to build-depends
  - Enable building on lpia (Closes: #488278)

* debian/rules:
  - Add dpatch support
  - Don't clean up ltmain.sh, config.sub, or config.guess
    as they are shipped in the upstream tarball (Closes: #491795)

* Additions:
  - removed (lib)smbiosxml.pc; it isn't needed anymore

[ Loic Minier ]
* Add empty dpatch 00list.
* Add myself as Uploader.
* Wrap build-deps and deps.
* Drop useless debian/*.dirs.
* Cleanup rules; drop useless vars, commented out sample constructs etc.
* Pass -s to dh_* in binary-arch; call dh_testroot, and dh_install*,
  _compress, _fixperms, _installdeb, _gencontrol, _md5sums, _builddeb in
  binary-indep (with -i).
* Drop useless dh_installdirs, dh_installexamples and dh_link calls.
* Actually pass CFLAGS to ./configure; set LDFLAGS in the same way.
* Prepend -z defs to LDFLAGS for safety with --as-needed.
* Move configure flags to their own var, configure_flags.
* Only pass --host to configure if DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE and DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE
* Honor distclean exit status.
* Drop configure from .PHONY, no such target.
* Add patch and unpatch to .PHONY as dpatch.make doesn't do so.
* Drop debian/README.Debian which only has a description of the packages and
  still listed libsmbiosxml.
* Cleanup watch file.
* Drop maintainer scripts which were mostly unused except for a manual
  ldconfig call which is handled by debhelper anyway.
* Drop --disable-rpath configure flag; doesn't seem to be supported.
* Drop duplicate dh_installman call and move man page symlinks to
* Refactor man page symlinks shell snippet.
* Drop useless debian/libsmbios-bin.docs.
* Cleanup debian/Makefile.
* Fix watch file.
* Cleanup debian/*.install files.
* Add ${shlibs:Depends} and ${misc:Depends} to libsmbios-dev.
* Don't fixup the perms or include/smbios; these should be fixed on the
  package's dirs and dh_fixperms will fix them anyway.
* Let config.status depend on $(DPATCH_STAMPFN) instead of build depending
  on patch-stamp.
* Bump up debhelper compat level to 5; build-dep on >= 5.
* Disable manpage and symlinks for now; closes: #394898.
* Build-dep on chpath and chrpath -d binaries in usr/sbin after install to
  drop the RPATHes on the binaries (usually caused by a broken upstream
* Do update build/config.guess and build/config.sub; this is safe and
  actually recommended; see autotools-dev README.Debian for rationale;
  ideally, we'd also save and restore upstream's files to keep a minimum
  Debian .diff, but this isn't too nice with the dpatch include.
* Drop now useless libtool bdep.
* Mention full download address in copyright.
* Redo copyright and stop installing COPYING-OSL; do some copyright holders
  research aside of the upstream's COPYING information.
* Don't ship README which only has licensing and build/install information.
* Stop shipping obsolete TODO.
* Jump on the SONAME package renaming train to stop shipping *.la files.
* Fix snippet to avoid shipping boost_LICENSE_1_0_txt in libsmbios-dev.
* Run testsuite after build unless nocheck is set in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
* Remove build-stamp in clean.
* Strip binary blobs from the tarball (hence use a .dfsg version suffix) as
  the upstream tarball includes binary blobs in cppunit/platform/ which are
  memory dumps including a proprietary BIOS; document this in copyright;
  NB: upstream was contacted and will reply ASAP. Comment out testsuite as
  a result. Update watch file to mangle version number appropriately.

11. By Mario Limonciello on 2008-08-26

* New upstream version. (LP: #261665)
* debian/patches/01_password_checking.dpatch:
  - Drop as included upstream.
* debian/control:
  - Drop build depend on libxml2.
  - Produce libsmbios2 packages instead.
  - Drop xml packages as they are no longer upstream.

10. By Mario Limonciello on 2008-07-18

* debian/control:
  - Add dpatch to build-depends
* debian/rules:
  - Add dpatch support
  - Don't clean up ltmain.sh, config.sub, or config.guess
    as they are shipped in the upstream tarball.
* debian/patches/01_password_checking.dpatch:
  - Stub out another function for checking the status
    of a bios or admin password. (LP: #189814)

9. By Mario Limonciello on 2008-06-27

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* debian/control:
  - Enable builds on lpia. (LP: #239843)

[ Loic Minier ]
* Rebase on 0.13.13-1.
* Update upload date.

8. By Jose Luis Tallon <email address hidden> on 2008-03-07

* Fixed FTBFS with gcc4.3 *again* (Closes: 455641)
  - Thanks to Cyril Brulebois for providing the patch

* Added missing additional README files (Closes: #443723)

7. By Matthias Klose on 2008-01-24

Fix build failures with g++-4.3.

6. By Jose Luis Tallon <email address hidden> on 2007-09-07

* New upstream version (Closes: #441288)

* Build process fixes/enhancements
  - Fixed debian/control to be binNMU-safe
  - Upstream's libtool had enabled 'rpath': re-libtoolize'd source
  - Added dependency on libtool following fix above

* Kudos to Julien Blache for his support and sponsoring

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