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5cdbbde... by Peter J. Mello

Add Large File Support to 32-bit arch builds

The GCC flag -fno-strict-aliasing is also added to
ensure faithful library linking with LFS.

Also, fixup XDG Desktop Entry Specification files
and create working draft of SVG logo for project.

Signed-off-by: Peter J. Mello <email address hidden>

e181b59... by Peter J. Mello

Refine CMake patch for finding dependencies

The patch was lacking a call to identify how to
link with POSIX Threads support, which was added,
and a redundant call to find pkg-config itself was

Signed-off-by: Peter J. Mello <email address hidden>

2a5d54d... by Peter J. Mello

Fix-up Build-Depends failovers

Signed-off-by: Peter J. Mello <email address hidden>

83032db... by "Peter J. Mello" <email address hidden>

Drop upstreamed patch: 0001-add-cstdint-include

Signed-off-by: Peter J. Mello <email address hidden>

1ae5a10... by Peter J. Mello

Update symbols file and d/rules not to fail on new symbols

78bdcc1... by Peter J. Mello

Finalize packaging effort

* Switch build dep from pkg-config to pkgconf

87fb5a0... by TheAssassin

Clean up comment about uid variable

a4e5438... by TheAssassin

Make build args available as environment variables

5731f09... by TheAssassin

Keep i386 alive and add ARM builds

As a consequence of bionic having gone end-of-life, we move to using
Debian oldstable as a consequence.

This also required changes to prebuilt-cmake, which now supports a lot
more distros for all of x86_64, i386, armhf and aarch64.

e57e1fc... by FabioLolix <email address hidden>

Fix build with gcc 13.1.1