Last commit made on 2022-02-18
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3f7b22f... by Alexis Lopez Zubieta <email address hidden>

Require external packages only if they are dependencies of the generated binary

20a6450... by TheAssassin

Remove superfluous variables

8b9842c... by TheAssassin

Fix new hashing helper

Fixes a copy-paste error. Also, now the size of the buffer containing the bytes read from the file should be correct.

e9aa6c3... by TheAssassin

Remove superfluous check

c785ea8... by TheAssassin

Fix error message

8cfea34... by TheAssassin

Fix type mess

59329dc... by TheAssassin

Update zsync

faf414c... by TheAssassin

Improve HTTP error handling

38db362... by TheAssassin

Fix buffer creation

Fixes #193.

68c260e... by TheAssassin

Fix check for changes with custom update information