Last commit made on 2023-11-05
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facd183... by Peter J. Mello

Add POSIX Threads to CMake required dependencies

Signed-off-by: Peter J. Mello <email address hidden>

7b1c741... by Peter J. Mello

Shorten upstream version string

df9d153... by Peter J. Mello

Force use of LFS build flags on 32-bit hosts

909f89b... by Peter J. Mello

Patch zsync2 header include statements

4cc6caa... by Peter J. Mello

Add argagg-dev to Build-Dependencies

11d2a7b... by Peter J. Mello

Create packaging for Launchpad auto-builds

d89e6bf... by probonopd <email address hidden>

Explain the components (#229)


496a69e... by TheAssassin

Do not build validate tool in lib-only mode

15effb6... by TheAssassin

Fix linking problems with system CPR

The variable we used was not defined when using a system CPR. Instead of defining the variable, we can use the already-defined alias target which also works with a downloaded CPR.

e423803... by conrad

add vector include to util.h , build was failing when building with conan with undefined template for std::vector<std::string>, using libc++14/clang14