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06120a8... by Ariadne Conill

pkgconf 2.2.0

7a8532f... by Ariadne Conill

queue: remove no longer used root package reference when walking dependency graphs

a3d7ecb... by Ariadne Conill

Use libpkgconf.so.5 due to ABI changes

e2a8080... by Kai Pastor

Reuse static solution for general solution

883b57d... by Kai Pastor

Cache packages from explicit file requests

194dde0... by Kai Pastor

Update expected test results

78d53ea... by Kai Pastor

Revise serials, traversal, flattening

Remove the 'traverse_serial' fields which were added in 2.1.1.
Use the 'serial' field to track the current traversal.
Stop using 'identifier' to sort packages in the flattened solution.
Directly construct the flattened solution by a specific walk which
also preserves the relative order in Requires and Requires.private.
The topological sort is a single list, so don't fill requires_private.
Purely private dependencies are marked in dependency flags.
The ancestor flag is a pkg property, not a client property.

4090ba3... by Kai Pastor

Clarify tracing messages

5eb79f6... by Kai Pastor

Add tests for lib order

e7c9bdb... by Kai Pastor

Don't print 'required by <VIRTUAL-PACKAGE>'