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0899575... by TheAssassin

Use post instead of pre uninstall hooks

Otherwise, the systemd calls don't work as intended, as the files are
still available on the system.

bb7d840... by TheAssassin

Remove QDebug calls as Qt 5.2 (trusty) doesn't support it

aea4938... by TheAssassin

Refactor installation code

Extracted code from the maintainer scripts to a central script to
avoid duplicate code.

Added support for systemd-binfmt with a binfmt.d config for distros
without binfmt-support packages.

Fixes #19

f67e769... by TheAssassin

Clean up stale desktop files

Fixes #19.

6dfbbd9... by TheAssassin

Add support for Qt debug messages

Users should make sure to build with CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Release or any
other non-Debug state to disable the messages.

27dba7c... by TheAssassin

Fix argument copying

b12fe90... by TheAssassin

Code style

fd31030... by TheAssassin

Remove PKGBUILD in favor of AUR

9cf8a49... by TheAssassin

Suppress deprecated desktop integration script

Fixes #22

e530df7... by TheAssassin

Update README regarding installation