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0013516... by Alice Knag <email address hidden>


Co-authored-by: TheAssassin <email address hidden>

7488b68... by Alice Knag <email address hidden>

fix arch instructions

712f394... by Aleksey Smolenchuk <email address hidden>

Update with Ubuntu 23.10 build instructions (#610)

a4fadd1... by JungHee Lee <email address hidden>

Create desktopfiles.ko.json (#505)

acc544b... by Dmitry Teplyakov <email address hidden>

Fix typo (#535)

5515c52... by FeRD (Frank Dana)

daemon: Log missing dirs as debug message (#563)

71e8e32... by TheAssassin

Release 3.0.0-alpha-1

c810e70... by TheAssassin

Improve compatibility of binfmt-bypass with really old Docker images

b9b0eb8... by TheAssassin

Update code styles

82ab134... by TheAssassin

Rework updater

The new updater still uses the dialog from libappimageupdate-qt (which needs some updates to be more usable overall). However, the update check is now integrated in a more "wizard style" user interface that is shown right away with a busy indicator. Update check errors are also handled in that same window.

Overall, these features should eventually end up in libappimageupdate-qt, which should generally be rewritten to be non-blocking in all states.