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9940919... by TheAssassin

Generate RPMs and source tarball on bionic

e4b349a... by TheAssassin

Drop Ubuntu xenial builds

Also tries to eliminate own builds of libarchive, liblzma and boost on
all architectures to save time (mostly to reduce the build time for ARM).

3f901f6... by TheAssassin

Forward all possible signals to child process

Fixes #418.

b4010f8... by TheAssassin

Update libappimage

c27fc94... by TheAssassin

Align message in integration dialog to the top left

cad8d6b... by TheAssassin

Fix minimal integration dialog size

Translations whose text requires more space than for the default ones exceed the minimum size of the dialog. Thus, the user has to manually expand the window in order to read the entire text. This can be fixed by using Qt's size hint to define a new minimum size.

a4505da... by Weblate Admin <email address hidden>

Translated using Weblate (German)

Currently translated at 100.0% (95 of 95 strings)

Translation: AppImageLauncher/UI

0c3cc95... by TheAssassin

Update translations

dc4eab8... by TheAssassin

Merge branch 'master' of

e18f56a... by TheAssassin

Merge branch 'master' of