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d3cb13c... by TheAssassin

Use appimagelauncherd to run post-integration tasks if available

Offloading these tasks can save a lot of time, especially when MIME types are to be integrated (this can take minutes even).

b7cb153... by TheAssassin

Move DBus server to separate module

Encapsulating the code helps building a better API, and allows code reuse for the future client side.

6b7f3de... by TheAssassin

Use QProcess instead of system()

A lot more robust than system("...").

237b291... by TheAssassin

Add DBus API to daemon

When the daemon is running, it can be used to offload integration tasks to it. Long-running tasks like updating the MIME info cache might otherwise block the integration of an AppImage for seconds or minutes.

f5f34e4... by TheAssassin

Update caches in ail-cli

441c4db... by TheAssassin

Rework desktop database and icon cache updates

b4010f8... by TheAssassin

Update libappimage

c27fc94... by TheAssassin

Align message in integration dialog to the top left

cad8d6b... by TheAssassin

Fix minimal integration dialog size

Translations whose text requires more space than for the default ones exceed the minimum size of the dialog. Thus, the user has to manually expand the window in order to read the entire text. This can be fixed by using Qt's size hint to define a new minimum size.

a4505da... by Weblate Admin <email address hidden>

Translated using Weblate (German)

Currently translated at 100.0% (95 of 95 strings)

Translation: AppImageLauncher/UI