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ff4c148... by Andrew Johnson

Set HAVE_DOT=YES to enable diagrams

0bc0d87... by Andrew Johnson

Remove Known Problems template file

796b9e3... by Andrew Johnson

Rule changes after converting .html files to .md

Remove elinks rule from documentation/Makefile
Add pandoc rule to configure/RULES.documentation
Now documentation/Makefile generates HTML as needed

ced9e92... by Andrew Johnson

Restore OS_CLASS and CMPLR_CLASS for Doxyfile template

We can have these set for the host architecture by setting T_A
to the host-arch before including CONFIG. A user could create
documentation for a different built architecture by overriding
the T_A setting on the command-line.

3588417... by Andrew Johnson

Drop INCLUDE_{CC,OS} macros since {OS,CMPLR}_CLASS not set

Reorganized the Doxyfile@ template to group settings.

99e6474... by Andrew Johnson

Modify DBD processing scripts to output Doxygen comments

c60c87d... by Andrew Johnson

Change Doxyfile input path to read include files instead of ../src

Adjusted INCLUDE macro names, use for input.
Enabled preprocessing and macro expansions.
Fine-tuned output generation.

8ef34db... by Andrew Johnson

Add a forwarding RULES.documentation to application template

Still needs a sample documentation directory with Makefile and
Release Notes, Doxyfile etc.

8babd68... by Andrew Johnson

documentation: Generate Doxyfile from template

Imported RULES_EXPAND (and RULES_USER) into RULES.documentation.
Adjust EXPANDFLAGS to not require T_A to be defined.
Convert Doxyfile into a template Doxyfile@ for expanding.
Define necessary template variables in Makefile.

4bc612b... by Andrew Johnson

Move doxygen rules into RULES.documentation