Last commit made on 2022-05-14
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4883c49... by Julian Heuser <email address hidden>

Unfocus text boxes after the selected page changes (#4027)

363bbbc... by Bryan Tan <email address hidden>

Fix TextEditor render delay regression

The optimization introduced in `38258a4` incorrectly used repaintRect (draw
buffer to screen) instead of rerenderRect (update buffer), which introduced a
visible delay in the typed characters appearing on the screen.

0091b48... by p3tkovicn <email address hidden>

Select correct tool when selecting default tool

103bfd1... by Benjamin Hennion <email address hidden>

Initialize locales for commandline exports

034deb5... by Bryan Tan <email address hidden>

Fix backtrace linker flags

Backtrace is used by the util library, but was not included in the public linker

8e78104... by Roland Lötscher

make toolbar and menubar not react to dragging

38258a4... by Bryan Tan <email address hidden>

Fix TextEditor repaint bounds

The text tool triggers a whole page repaint on every key press, which is
extremely inefficient. This commit changes the repaint to use the bounds of
the underlying Text element (and fixes a memory management-related segfault

e409fb6... by Bryan Tan <email address hidden>

Automated version bump to 1.1.2~dev

4f113e9... by Bryan Tan <email address hidden>

Release 1.1.1

10c189d... by Bryan Tan <email address hidden>

Update changelog in preparation for 1.1.1