Last commit made on 2022-01-22
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57654c0... by Tilman Sinning <email address hidden>

fix: Crash on startup with no recent files

- Add nullptr check to getMostRecent method
- Add nullptr check to on_startup function
- Change method descriptions to make explicit that nullptrs can be returned

Fixes #3734

f961b04... by Roland Lötscher

Fix tool activation

Co-authored-by: wtbgagoa <email address hidden>

c1ae6c3... by Ulrich Huber

Fix wrong version suffix in relevant files

db7a16e... by Ulrich Huber

Update release helper script to set correct versions for Fedora and MacOS

95c50af... by Ulrich Huber

Add version info in MacOS bundle information file

be1dab5... by Ulrich Huber

Update version info in Fedora build recipe

01737d1... by Benjamin Hennion

Fix #3651 - remove pressure value on Highlighter strokes first point

29bee34... by Fabian Thomas <email address hidden>

Fix .PDF detected as pdf

add hasPdfFileExt function

2780815... by Fabian Thomas <email address hidden>

fix sidebar page preview stuck

e2a1f97... by Benjamin Hennion

Set classic locale for PDF export link attributes (#3551)

* Set classic locale for PDF export link attributes

* Add success test for cairo surface setup in XojCairoPdfExport

* Display error message when pdf export fails

* Force C locale LC_NUMERIC to "C"