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Andreas Pokorny (andreas-pokorny) wrote :

> A bit more detail on the problems I see:
> I'm using a lenovo with a trackpoint.
> The trackpoint controls the cursor unless the middle "mouse" button is
> pressed. E.g. Alt+left button drags the triangle, With Alt on its own or with
> Alt+right it just move the cursor.
> Just pressing the middle button (with or without Alt) and the cursor no longer
> responds to the trackpoint.
> It might be diagnostic that the left and right buttons do work, but the middle
> button doesn't - is something misidentifying it as a two button mouse?
> Plugging in a spare 3-button mouse does work.

Not quite. I diagnosed that with your evemu record and libinput-debug-events - which is a tool provided by libinput but is not part of the ubuntu libinput package so far.

So by default - it configures your device to use the middle button as scroll-button - so trackpoint motion is converted to scroll axis events while middle button is pressed. You should be able to deactivate that behaviour with the lp:~andreas-pokorny/mir/example-configure-input-devices MP - since it overwrite those settings.

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