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Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

OK, I've invested time in testing and lots needs fixing unfortunately. At least three are show-stoppers...

(1) Mouse now moves too fast. Even my slowest mouse.

(2) "evdev-input" log messages on startup report nothing useful. Can we remove or change them to report actual device descriptions?

(3) Input resampling has been lost (can only verify on desktop due to #5). It was introduced on 2014-08-29 but we only just fixed Unity8 this week to utilize it and achieve halved latency. It's taken 14 months to come to fruition this week, so please try to avoid regressing on it.
 Test: env MIR_CLIENT_INPUT_RATE=59 mir_demo_client_fingerpaint
           Verify only one square painted per frame.

(4) Input events are strangely erratic and no longer smooth (even when not resampled), compared to lp:mir. Compare 'mir_demo_client_fingerpaint' using this branch with lp:mir and you will see a lot of jitter when using this branch. Weirdly, MIR_CLIENT_INPUT_RATE=59 does affect the result but only in that it makes things even more erratic, and not limited to 59Hz either (#3).

(5) Servers crash on startup on mako (vivid rc-proposed):
[1446022093.989552] <WARNING> mircommon: Failed to load module: bin/../lib/server-modules/input-evdev.so.4 (error was:libinput.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)
[1446022093.989948] mircommon: Loading module: bin/../lib/server-modules/graphics-dummy.so
[1446022094.000600] mircommon: Loading module: bin/../lib/server-modules/input-stub.so
ERROR: /home/dan/bzr/mir/tmp.all/src/server/input/default_configuration.cpp(328): Throw in function mir::DefaultServerConfiguration::the_input_manager()::<lambda()>
Dynamic exception type: N5boost16exception_detail10clone_implINS0_19error_info_injectorISt13runtime_errorEEEE
std::exception::what: No input platforms found

review: Needs Fixing

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