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Proposed by amichair
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: lp:~amichai2/software-properties/edit-on-doubleclick
Merge into: lp:software-properties
Diff against target: 40 lines (+4/-10)
1 file modified
softwareproperties/kde/ (+4/-10)
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Brian Murray Pending
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Description of the change

Made the edit dialog pop up when double-clicking a source. There were two non-working implementations in the code already, which I replaced with one that works.

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Brian Murray (brian-murray) wrote :

This looks good to me but I'm not really in a position to easily test this change since its KDE. Could you provide some screenshots or video showing how it works? Thanks!

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amichair (amichai2) wrote :

Hi, I don't see how screenshots will help... it looks exactly the same as when you select a source and then click the 'Edit' button. Except you can double-click the source instead of using the button. Nothing is different visually from the current/past behavior.

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amichair (amichai2) wrote :

So, this has been waiting around for months... will it be merged? I was hoping to see it in the upcoming release.

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amichair (amichai2) wrote :

Or the next next release?

Unmerged revisions

994. By amichair

software-properties-kde: fixed editing when source is double-clicked

Preview Diff

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1=== modified file 'softwareproperties/kde/'
2--- softwareproperties/kde/ 2015-06-16 11:11:36 +0000
3+++ softwareproperties/kde/ 2017-04-30 23:04:28 +0000
4@@ -115,6 +115,7 @@
5 self.userinterface.button_add.clicked.connect(self.on_add_clicked)
6 self.userinterface.treeview_sources.itemChanged.connect(self.on_isv_source_toggled)
7 self.userinterface.treeview_sources.itemClicked.connect(self.on_treeview_sources_cursor_changed)
8+ self.userinterface.treeview_sources.itemDoubleClicked.connect(self.on_isv_source_activated)
9 self.userinterface.treeview_cdroms.itemChanged.connect(self.on_cdrom_source_toggled)
10 self.userinterface.treeview2.itemClicked.connect(self.on_treeview_keys_cursor_changed)
11 button_close = self.userinterface.buttonBox.button(QDialogButtonBox.Close)
12@@ -476,11 +477,6 @@
13 self.on_sources_drag_data_received)
14 """
16- def on_isv_source_activate(self, treeview, path, column):
17- """Open the edit dialog if a channel was double clicked"""
19- ##self.on_edit_clicked(treeview)
21 def on_treeview_sources_cursor_changed(self, item, column):
22 """set the sensitiveness of the edit and remove button
23 corresponding to the selected channel"""
24@@ -642,13 +638,11 @@
25 self.set_modified_sourceslist()
26 self.show_isv_sources()
28- # FIXME:outstanding from merge
29- def on_isv_source_activated(self, treeview, path, column):
30+ def on_isv_source_activated(self, item, column):
31 """Open the edit dialog if a channel was double clicked"""
33 # check if the channel can be edited
34- if self.button_edit.get_property("sensitive") == True:
35- self.on_edit_clicked(treeview)
36+ if self.userinterface.button_edit.isEnabled():
37+ self.on_edit_clicked()
39 def on_remove_clicked(self):
40 """Remove the selected source"""


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