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22. By Travis Watkins on 2009-08-27

* debian/patches/29_make_scrolling_work_with_viewports.patch:
  - change workspace switcher applet to change viewports with
    the mousewhell just like with virual desktops

21. By Robert Ancell on 2009-08-26

* New upstream release (LP: #418975)
  - Drop dead code (Vincent)
  - Don't show icons icons for actions and categories (William Jon
    McCann, Matthias Clasen, Vincent)
  - Remove use of GnomeEntry in run dialog (Diego Escalante Urrelo,
  - Port to GtkBuilder (Vincent)
  - Make the run button icon respect the desktop-wide setting (Vincent)
  - Add gnome-panel-add script to allow easy addition of applets
  - Use g_timeout_add_seconds to reduce wakeups (Javier Jardón)
  - Ignore overlapping monitors and just use the largest one (Federico
    Mena Quintero)
  - Put LVDS as first monitor (Federico Mena Quintero)
  - Correctly set struts when two panels are right-oriented (Alexey
  - Use /desktop/gnome/lockdown/disable_lock_screen (Vincent)
  - Use a different define for the size of the Applications menu icon
  - Clarify warning message at forced quit (Gabor Kelemen)
  - Make sure to preload /apps/panel/general early enough (Behdad
  - Remove empty labels from translation (Andre Klapper)
  - Do not use non-existing monitors for toplevels (Vincent)
  - Do not save monitor changes that are caused by constraints (Vincent)
  - Use randr 1.3 features to detect the first monitor when possible
  - Use XRRGetScreenResourcesCurrent() when possible (Vincent)
  - Improve check for LVDS-named output (Vincent)
  - Remove deprecated Encoding key from desktop file (Frédéric Péters)
  - Port to GtkBuilder (Diego Escalante Urrelo, Vincent)
  All Applets
  - Port to GtkBuilder (Vincent)
  Clock Applet
  - Change "Clock Options" label to "Clock Format" (Vincent)
  - Launch the configured calendar/tasks application instead of evolution
    (Alex Converse, Vincent)
  - Port to PolicyKit 1 (Matthias Clasen)
  - Make default PolicyKit configuration stricter (Vincent)
  - Do not crash when setting time/timezone without PolicyKit (Matt Keenan)
  - Do not use obsolete and unneeded daylight variable (Alexis Ballier)
  - Fix confusion between GTime and time_t (Matthias Drochner)
  - Add missing mnemonics and window title (Gabor Kelemen)
  - Use g_timeout_add_seconds to reduce wakeups (Javier Jardón)
  - Do not place on the map locations with lat = 0 and lon = 0 (Vincent)
  - Make it possible to change the name of a location (Vincent)
  - Add/improve translator comments (Vincent)
  - Code cleanups (Vincent)
  Notification Area Applet
  - Allow more flexibility for NaTrayChild compositing (Owen Taylor)
  - Use g_timeout_add_seconds to reduce wakeups (Javier Jardón)
  - Add ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS (Sébastien Bacher)
  - Use silent-rules instead of shave for quiet build (Vincent)
  - Remove workaround for scrollkeeper (Vincent)
  - Remove libglade dependency (Vincent)
  - Require libgweather 2.27.90 (Vincent)
* debian/control.in:
  - Drop build-depends on libglade2-dev
  - Bump build-depends on libgweather-dev
* debian/patches/02_polkit1.patch:
* debian/patches/06_clock_permissions.patch:
* debian/patches/31_correct_aclocal_command.patch:
  - Applied upstream
* debian/patches/01_layout.patch:
* debian/patches/08_clock_applet_event.patch:
* debian/patches/09_default_icons.patch:
* debian/patches/16_compiz_workspace_switcher.patch:
* debian/patches/17_about-ubuntu-translation.patch:
* debian/patches/30_disable-initial-animation.patch:
* debian/patches/70_relibtoolize.patch:
* debian/patches/85_disable_shutdown_on_ltsp.patch:
* debian/patches/99_ltmain_as-needed.patch:
  - Updated

20. By seb128 <seb128@seb128-laptop> on 2009-08-11

releasing version 1:2.27.4-0ubuntu6

19. By seb128 <seb128@seb128-laptop> on 2009-08-10

releasing version 1:2.27.4-0ubuntu5

18. By seb128 <seb128@seb128-laptop> on 2009-07-22

releasing version 1:2.27.4-0ubuntu3

17. By seb128 <seb128@seb128-laptop> on 2009-07-16

releasing version 1:2.27.4-0ubuntu1

16. By Martin Pitt on 2009-07-13

releasing version 1:2.26.3-0ubuntu2

15. By Martin Pitt on 2009-07-13

debian/gnome-panel-data.install: Update path for polkit-1 files.

14. By Martin Pitt on 2009-07-13

* Add 02_polkit1.patch: Port to PolicyKit 1.0 API.
* debian/control.in: Drop libpolkit-gnome-dev and libpolkit-dbus-dev, add
  libpolkit-gobject-1-dev build deps. Drop policykit-gnome dependency.
* 70_relibtoolize.patch: Regenerate to pick up changes from above.
* 06_clock_permissions.patch: Update to new PolicyKit configuration syntax.

13. By seb128 <seb128@seb128-laptop> on 2009-07-10

releasing version 1:2.26.3-0ubuntu1

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