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Marius Kruger (amanica) wrote :

Allow renaming of files already removed from the inventory,
by quickly copying the inventory entry from the basis_tree before doing the rename.
(I'm not too clued up with the inventory so I hope I didn't commit any grave sins).

== history/motivation ==
It happened to me again today that I tried to do a `bzr mv --after old new` but bzr insists that `old is not versioned`. So I debuged it and realised that indeed `old` was
not present in the inventory. This can typically happen if the user copies the file
to the new location an then `bzr remove old`. This happens quite easily if you deleted
it from for eg. eclipse with the bzr plugin installed where you don't even know that it
automatically does a bzr remove for you in the backend.

Once you are in this situation though you start to bang your head against the keyboard
out of frustration after a while. Because according to `bzr status` a file that has
been removed or `bzr remove`d looks the same but for the subtle difference that in the
latter case it is actually removed from the inventory already.

I think in this case we should just go ahead and do what the user means, because the workaround it messy and totally undiscoverable:
`bzr revert old; bzr mv --after old new; rm old`
(especially if your file paths are longer than 80 characters)

I can't find a bug related to this, but I think I've seen this problem on the mailing list.

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