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1b30a4b... by Alvaro Uria

Changed error messages on automatic imports

a3fcc8c... by Alvaro Uria

Catch conn refused to Prometheus datasource

 * request module uses urllib3 underneath. "Exception" is catched since
 multiple exceptions can be raised and this feature should not make the
 charm failed, but skip automatic imports.

dc523d9... by Jacek Nykis

[jacek, r=drewn4ss, aluria] Add [juju] prefix to autoimported dashboard titles

d7d8337... by Jacek Nykis

Merged Alvaro's changes + small pep8 fixes

e6bc20b... by Jacek Nykis

Rewrite import-dashboard action to support import of files on disk

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~jacekn/grafana-charm/+git/grafana-charm-1/+merge/337718
Reviewed-by: Alexandre Gomes <email address hidden>

d3f6e4f... by Jacek Nykis

Rewrite import-dashboard action to support import of files on disk

f63810a... by Alvaro Uria

Add install_method support [apt,snap]

 * install_method and snap_channel support
 * Default is "apt", but "snap" can be used on Xenial and on
 * Automatic import_dashboard if datasource is prometheus and metrics
 are being collected for such dashboards to work
 * grafana.ini template can configure port and debug level
 * On trusty, upgrade-charm fails because layer:snap calls systemctl

7bf2d3d... by Jacek Nykis

[trivial] Don't strip dashboard key from backup files to make them compatible with API import

7540bfa... by Jacek Nykis

Ignore datasource name when checking if it exists. Allows for human readable names to be configured in web UI

b5f40d0... by Jamon Camisso <email address hidden>

[jacekn,r=jamon] Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/~jacekn/grafana-charm