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c57310f... by Alvaro Lopez

validator: add unit tests

1a931ab... by Alvaro Lopez

Catch exception if we got an unknown response from OpenStack

If we are getting an unexpected reponse from OpenStack we should not
fail, but render a 500 error to the client

ec12099... by Alvaro Lopez

parsing: check for categories instead of kinds

We should check for kinds and actions when parsing and validating the
data, since POSTing an action is needed when we are triggering an action
on a resource.

2c34553... by Alvaro Lopez

Move the OCCI validator into its own module

It is better to separate the validator from the parsers

88c6a4f... by Alvaro Lopez

Stop using decorators for parse and validate

Instead of using a decorator for parsing the incoming data we can use
calls to the objects, making the code much more readable.

a55edb3... by Alvaro Lopez

catch unexpected exceptions in handler

The wsgi.ResourceExceptionHandler should catch also the unexpected
exceptions and render a 500 error to the client.

81b8eac... by Alvaro Lopez

readme: add a bit of information

1d80e81... by Alvaro Lopez

Change readme to markdown and add badges

a44c086... by Alvaro Lopez

Operations on paths that are not resources must end with /

According to OCCI specification, operations on paths that are not
resource instances or location paths, the path must end with "/". We
need to add the rule manually, since otherwise routes will strip out all
the slashes when generating the resources rules.

b52984d... by Alvaro Lopez

Comply with RFC5785

According to section 3.6.7, to comply with the RFC5785 we should
implement the query interface functionality under the authrority
path "/.well-known/org/ogf/occi/-/".