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8c9a811... by Jim Rollenhagen

Retire github mirror, repo moved to opendev

c021a20... by zhouxinyong

Replacing the link in HACKING.rst

Change-Id: I54854bd097010d97ca38b2c46d490f9a8de6fa4d

db1a78a... by Jerome Pansanel <email address hidden>

Set correctly request parameters for the list_resources request

The Neutron API requires that the content_type and accept headers
are correcty set in the request. This commit permit to fix this

It has been successfully tested with Tox.

Closes-Bug: 1754096

Change-Id: I977f97cd0692a86bac1d817fa1c4de27889f2675

9ab7f82... by Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Removes listing of inaccessible subnets"

f29d080... by Enol Fernández

Add a new base mixin for Floating IP

Change-Id: I1c0f61db4e549bca6233231230c24a5c453d1a00
Closes-Bug: 1687935

3647b2b... by Enol Fernández

Add missing location to mixins

Change-Id: I25d3a2ae81c42f24d98ed2536e3dd0acb06b96e3
Closes-Bug: 1687933

73e744d... by Luís Filipe Sequeira Alves

Removes listing of inaccessible subnets

 - Related-Bug: 1709249
 - WARN when subnet is inaccessible

Change-Id: I22fd07025300127d411803d4ea0351eb09c1ce64

8f3a0de... by Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Add occi.compute.ephemeral_storage.size attribute"

f936ed3... by Enol Fernández

Render default values that are not None

Allow rendering 0, False and other default values that would be
considered as false by python.

Change-Id: I0108b4430e831a7aa14bfd8d6deb4accb759d578

54d97ff... by Enol Fernández

Add occi.compute.ephemeral_storage.size attribute

Implemented as an alias of org.openstack.flavor.ephemeral so both can be

Change-Id: I8764af5778d73b3a9e112cfff97be7efdda6af33
Related-Bug: 1687943