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James Henstridge (jamesh) wrote :

In most cases, I've used the replace_columns() helper in the store code where I need to fiddle with the column list for a query.

It'd probably be better to do the same in ResultSet.values(). The current code looks like it could leak changes outside of the method call, which could be problematic.

Secondly, I don't believe this patch will result in correct behaviour from ResultSet.values() for set expressions. Consider a table Foo containing the following data:

 id | name
 10 | value
 20 | value

And then do the following:

 result = store.find(Foo, id=10).union(store.find(Foo, id=20))
 print list(result.values(

This will print ['value'] when it should print ['value', 'value']. The result set clearly has two rows, but if we rewrite the column lists to then the union will only give us one row.

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