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Andres Rodriguez (andreserl) wrote :

So let me get this straight... the reason of the removal is because its causing too many issues (bugs).

What are those?

1. One bug report I see linked is server side and is *not* An ssue with this feature.
2. Another report is an issue of not having updated a file with the release we want to import which is not even related to the script maas-import-squashfs but also affects maas-import-pxe-files and maas-import-ephemerals. and this bug would have still being there even of the feature wouldnt have existed.
3. Legitimate maas-import-squashfs.

So from above.. how in the world this feature is attracting a disproportionate number of bugs if only 1 of them is related.... with a fix that should only take a couple lines of code???

So i think t is not fair to argue that this causes more issues than anything else.

While it does lack tests.. so that's other import script that we have also seen broken in worse ways. This scripts is rock solid outside Maas and not because there's one minor bug it isn't. Otherwise other things wouldn't be rock solid for same or even worse bugs found in released versions of Maas.

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