Code review comment for lp:~allenap/gwacl/remove-role-endpoints

Julian Edwards (julian-edwards) wrote :

On 24/07/13 07:58, Gavin Panella wrote:
> We can also upgrade the code underlying fork/http and fork/tls now;
> it's based on 1.0.2 right now, for compatibility. Rapheël has already
> tried this and it works fine, iirc, we just need to get round to doing
> it.

Wicked. JFDI. :)

> Is this a distinction that only makes a difference to a former C++
> programmer, or is there a tangible difference in meaning?

Ah, ummm, maybe :)

Pointers are definitely different beasts to references in my head, but
Go blurs the distinction by eschewing the -> operator in favour of a .
for struct property access regardless of it being a pointer.

Does Go talk about references anywhere? I thought it just mentioned
pointer types.

>> Very nice readable tests for the new comparison func, BTW!
> Ta :) Very nice review :)

We're going to need to get a room at this rate.

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