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Alfonso Sanchez-Beato (alfonsosanchezbeato) wrote :

New commit takes state of the call into consideration for activating the proximity sensor. However, I have changed the logic a bit: previously, the sensor was activated when calls moved to either "alerting" or "active" states. Now I do it when the call reaches "dialing" or "active" state.

The rationale is as follows. Taking into account that the usual sequence of states of the calls is (not all transitions are considered):

Outgoing: dialing -> alerting -> active -> disconnected

Incoming: incoming -> active -> disconnected

then I think that it makes sense to activate the sensor when the state of an outgoing call is "dialing" instead of waiting for it to be "alerting", as most people once they press the call button they move their phone near to their ear immediately (while we are still dialing) so they can hear the other party ringing (move to alerting).

So the change makes sure the proximity sensor is off only when the state is "incoming": the user is supposed to be looking at the screen at that moment to decide whether to accept the call or not. We can discuss this further if you thing there is some problem with this.

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