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81895f7... by Alfonso Sanchez-Beato

tests: run iptables from core snap now

ee83d3a... by Alfonso Sanchez-Beato

Set rc-manager=symlink for UC18 and later

Otherwise, NM will call resolvconf even though it fails if UC version is
newer than 16. To properly set DNS we need to set both dns and
rc-manager options, but we were doing this only for the former. However,
this did not have adverse effects as, as said, the call to resolvconf
failed, while systemd-resolved was properly updated.

e03fb45... by Alfonso Sanchez-Beato

Do not call dhcp-lease-mover anymore

As it was not actually working anymore since we were not staging inotify
anymore since a while.

63c3a2e... by Alfonso Sanchez-Beato

Specify explicitly copyrights to include

Previously there were copyright files included from non-staged

f2d42ac... by Alfonso Sanchez-Beato

Add unstage.txt file

This file contains a list of debian package that we are not actually
staging, although snapcraft adds them to manifest.yaml. CI now
recognizes this file, and manually removes the listed packages from the
manifest when releasing a snap to the store.

3222766... by Alfonso Sanchez-Beato

Do not stage iptables/xtables

iptables and all needed libraries are now included in the core18 snap,
since revision 1049 (2019-06-27).

9ccd63f... by Alfonso Sanchez-Beato

Do not stage libs already in core18

The libraries were not really included finally in the snap, but they
were triggering CVE warnings from the review tools that did not actually

44d02b5... by System Enablement CI Bot <email address hidden>

Merge remote tracking branch call-netplan-apply

Merge-Proposal: https://code.launchpad.net/~alfonsosanchezbeato/network-manager/+git/network-manager/+merge/376568

Author: Alfonso Sanchez-Beato <email address hidden>

Use DBus netplan interface to re-start network services after setting
NetworkManager as the default renderer.

To test the change, switch the default renderer on a UC18 system:

   snap set network-manager defaultrenderer=true

'networkctl' should show now that all devices are in "unmanaged" state. This will not work on UC16 systems due to a bug in netplan. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netplan.io/+bug/1855876.

ffc6a97... by Alfonso Sanchez-Beato

snap: call netplan apply using DBus

Use DBus netplan interface to re-start network services after setting
NetworkManager as the default renderer.

ee9fcd5... by Alfonso Sanchez-Beato

snap: add network-setup-control interface

Add network-setup-control interface so we can call 'netplan apply' from
the snap.