Merge ~alextu/plainbox-provider-pc-sanity:remove-improved-cases into plainbox-provider-pc-sanity:master

Proposed by Alex Tu
Status: Rejected
Rejected by: Andy Chi
Proposed branch: ~alextu/plainbox-provider-pc-sanity:remove-improved-cases
Merge into: plainbox-provider-pc-sanity:master
Diff against target: 26 lines (+0/-8)
1 file modified
database/jobs-need-improvement.yaml (+0/-8)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Yao Wei Pending
Shengyao Xue Pending
Bin Li Pending
Dirk Su Pending
Shih-Yuan Lee Pending
Yuan-Chen Cheng Pending
Cyrus Lien Pending
OEM Solutions Group: Engineers Pending
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Unmerged commits

40ff38f... by Alex Tu

removed the improved test cases base on the CI/CD meeting result

Please refer to the sheet for detail

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1diff --git a/database/jobs-need-improvement.yaml b/database/jobs-need-improvement.yaml
2index 9df5565..4c69aaf 100644
3--- a/database/jobs-need-improvement.yaml
4+++ b/database/jobs-need-improvement.yaml
5@@ -2,14 +2,8 @@
6 for-all:
7 bluetooth4/beacon_eddystone_url_hci0:
8 public-bug: 1904697
9- suspend/audio_before_suspend:
10- public-bug: 1904707
11 suspend/network_resume_time_auto:
12 public-bug: 1906390
13- miscellanea/device_check:
14- public-bug: 1908961
15- disk/storage_device_sdb:
16- public-bug: 1908504
17 suspend/bluetooth_obex_send_before_suspend:
18 public-bug: 1909208
19 disk/hdd-parking:
20@@ -17,6 +11,4 @@ for-all:
21 for-desktop-only:
22 graphics/{index}_valid_opengl_renderer_{product_slug}:
23 public-bug: 1905355
24- miscellanea/edid-continuous-frequency:
25- public-bug: 1909262
26 for-laptop-only:


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