Merge ~alexmurray/ubuntu-qa-tools:unembargo-warn-security-updates-on-fridays into ubuntu-qa-tools:master

Proposed by Alex Murray
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: 37630020b56978816a43b01b069be0899d46a8b3
Proposed branch: ~alexmurray/ubuntu-qa-tools:unembargo-warn-security-updates-on-fridays
Merge into: ubuntu-qa-tools:master
Diff against target: 22 lines (+11/-0)
1 file modified
security-tools/unembargo (+11/-0)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Steve Beattie Approve
Alex Murray Needs Fixing
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Alex Murray (alexmurray) wrote :

Hmm this should probably also handle ESM PPAs etc.

review: Needs Fixing
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Alex Murray (alexmurray) wrote :

Rebased the original commit on top of master and added support for checking Friday for ESM PPAs as well as the security pocket.

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Steve Beattie (sbeattie) wrote :

This looks good to me, approving.

Extremely minor nits that absolutely do not block merging would be:

- use of magic numbers; it'd be nice not to have to remember that 4 == friday; not sure if the python libraries have a constant defined for this.

- a lot of our scripts do a lot o stuff inline, resuliting in long code sequences that an be overwhelming. This makes things slightly harder to understand and harder to write unit tests for. I don't necessarily think this added check is worth bothering with a separate function (expecially because most of the added bits is handling what to do if the check trips), but it's worth thinking about as we add things.

- if you're going to rebase or add commits after you've gone ahead and made a merge request, it's nice to add a reference link to the merge request in your commit message.

Thanks for the nice improvement!

review: Approve
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Alex Murray (alexmurray) wrote :

Regarding the magic number - I can't find anything like an enum which defines this - but we could calculate it as:

time.strptime("Fri", "%a").tm_wday

although this seems more unwieldy to me.

Thanks for the review - I'll add a link in the merge-commit message to this. Cheers.

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1diff --git a/security-tools/unembargo b/security-tools/unembargo
2index 73595e7..a78c826 100755
3--- a/security-tools/unembargo
4+++ b/security-tools/unembargo
5@@ -137,6 +137,17 @@ def pending_milestone(ubuntu, release):
6 return milestone
9+# don't release security updates on Fridays
10+if (opt.pocket == SECURITY_POCKET or opt.esm or opt.esm_apps or opt.esm_infra) and \
11+ == 4:
12+ print("WARNING: The security team has a policy of not releasing security updates "
13+ "on Fridays.")
14+ if not opt.force:
15+ print("NOTE: To override this check and publish anyway please use the "
16+ "--force.")
17+ sys.exit(1)
18+ else:
19+ print("NOTE: Forcing the release of security updates on Fridays.")
21 print("Loading Ubuntu Distribution ...")
22 lp_version = "devel"


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