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bb1f378... by Alex Murray on 2018-05-25

Add initial snapcraft.yaml

6bfed17... by Alex Murray on 2017-04-13

Only update sensors labels etc if actually changed

Should help reduce how often we write to disk with the
dynamic sensors enabled.

Issue #16

a35bf36... by Alex Murray on 2017-03-20

Fix minor cppcheck warning on variable scope

41fd464... by Alex Murray on 2017-03-20

Add .dir-locals for cstyle integration

a5ee333... by Alex Murray on 2017-04-04

Add command-line option to set verbose logging (with less by default)

Full debug logging can be obtained by running with --verbose / -v command-line

To fix issue #15

d267b5c... by Alex Murray on 2017-03-18

SENSORS_FEATURE_MAX is only in latest libsensors

9c0d5e1... by Alex Murray on 2017-03-18

Fix a couple minor compiler warnings in plugins

35eeb3a... by Alex Murray <email address hidden> on 2015-07-30

Merge pull request #10 from LouisTakePILLz/master

Fix incorrect temperature and error message upon probing idle disk

b3b9a56... by LouisTakePILLz <email address hidden> on 2015-07-28

Fix incorrect temperature upon probing idle disk

e32e47c... by Alex Murray on 2015-07-08

Add math.h include for udisks2 plugin