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124. By Alex Eftimie on 2011-08-20

fixed mixing static and GI gobject bindings, #829186

123. By Martin Pitt on 2011-07-13

* New upstream release. Changes since our last trunk merge:
  - more Python 3 compatible imports
  - ui.py: Move to AppIndicator3 for GTK 3 compatibility
  - merge translations, update German fuzzy strings
  - fglrx example handler: Rename ATI → AMD (LP: #755260)
* debian/control: Update appindicator GIR dependency.
* Cherrypick changes from trunk:
  - gtk/jockey-gtk.desktop.in: Use correct categories to show up on the new
    gnome-control-center. Thanks Rodrigo Moya! (LP: #787694)
  - Add NoDisplay=true to autostart .desktop file and have jockey-gtk show up
    in Unity. Thanks Mike Terry.

122. By Alberto Milone on 2011-07-05

data/handlers/fglrx.py: Add support for multi-arch to the fglrx handler.

121. By Martin Pitt on 2011-06-29

* data/handlers/nvidia.py: Properly check invalid alternatives and the
  parent class' enabled() method, to avoid showing the nvidia driver as
  enabled when it is not even installed.
* data/handlers/fglrx.py: Check invalid alternative, too.
* data/handlers/nvidia.py: Check multiarch alternatives as well. Thanks
  Alberto Milone!
* data/handlers/nvidia.py: Fix crash if the free driver alternative is None.

120. By Martin Pitt on 2011-05-16

* Convert build system to dh7, using the new dh-translations.
* Move to GTK3:
  - gtk/jockey-gtk: Drop forcing GTK version to 2.
  - debian/control: Update dependency to gir1.2-gtk-3.0.

119. By Martin Pitt on 2011-04-19

[ Martin Pitt ]
* data/handlers/nvidia.py: Fix broken condition in used(), which would be
  True already if the package was merely installed. (LP: #759804)
* jockey/oslib.py, ignored_modules(): Drop linux-ubuntu-modules, gone long
* Cherry-pick r720 from trunk to support a new --kernel option on the
  backend and frontend with --no-dbus. This allows ubiquity to install a PAE
  kernel on the target system and tell jockey to install kernel headers for
  that one instead for the running one. Based on a patch from Evan Dandrea,
  thanks! (LP: #759804)
* Cherry-pick r721 from trunk: OpenPrintingDriverDB: Use the actual package
  version as "version" attribute instead of the driver name. This was a bit
  of a thinko back then. Update test cases accordingly. (LP: #744751)

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* jockey/oslib.py: Disconnect from Debconf before installing packages.
  (LP: #759804)

118. By Martin Pitt on 2011-03-31

[ Martin Pitt ]
* data/handlers/nvidia.py: Some cleanup:
  - Drop obsolete add_modules=['glx'].
  - Drop setting DefaultDepth=24, X.org does that by default now.
  - Move version 96 specific code to NvidiaDriver96 class.
  - Remove some dead code.
* Merge from trunk:
  - XorgDriverHandler: Support None X.org driver to avoid changing the
    Driver setting. This is appropriate for drivers which X.org conf
  - Add new flag Handler.needs_kernel_headers and install kernel headers if
* data/handlers/{nvidia,fglrx}.py: Stop setting the X.org driver and
  alternate free driver. Natty's X.org now prefers the proprietary drivers
  over the free ones when available (105_nvidia_fglrx_autodetect.patch).
  This allows X.org to fall back to the free driver if the proprietary one
  gets broken or out of sync. (LP: #522061)
* jockey/oslib.py: Set kernel header metapackage name from currently running
  kernel flavour, and add a small test case that it is a valid package.
* data/handlers/{nvidia,fglrx}.py: Replace custom code to install kernel
  headers with setting the needs_kernel_headers flag.
* data/handlers/broadcom_wl.py: Set needs_kernel_headers flag. (LP: #567699)
* jockey/oslib.py, install_packages(): python-apt recently changed
  "architecture" field of a candidate Version; where it used to say "all"
  it now has the platform name. So switch to
  candidate.record['Architecture'] to check if a package is Arch: all. This
  unbreaks installation of unsigned third-party PPD packages.

[ Alberto Milone ]
* data/handlers/fglrx.py:
  - Re-enable fglrx.
  - Replace tabs with whitespaces.
* data/handlers/nvidia.py:
  - Replace tabs with whitespaces.

117. By Martin Pitt on 2011-03-11

* Merge from trunk:
  - OSLib.import_gpg_key(): Respect $http_proxy. Thanks Olaf Meeuwissen.
    (LP: #733023)
  - oslib.py: Switch to default keyserver on port 80 to be more proxy
    friendly. (LP: #733029)

116. By Martin Pitt on 2011-03-10

* Merge from trunk:
  - Reintroduce __fix_stdouterr(); we need it for proper -l unicode support.
    However, delay it until after OptParser, as an already encoded
    sys.stderr causes that to crash. (LP: #728744)

115. By Martin Pitt on 2011-03-08

* New upstream bug fix release:
  - Add X.org video driver ABI checking. (This was already cherrypicked
    in an earlier upload)
  - Drop our own verified_https.py and implement GPG fingerprint SSL
    checking with pycurl, which gets along with proxies. (LP: #729185)
  - Some code cleanup and more test cases.
* debian/control: Add python-pycurl dependency.

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