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Proposed by Alexander Jones
Status: Rejected
Rejected by: Travis Watkins
Proposed branch: lp:~alex-weej/compiz/resize-mode
Merge into: lp:~compiz/compiz/ubuntu
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Travis Watkins (community) Disapprove
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Alexander Jones (alex-weej) wrote :

Currently the default resize mode of "rectangle" is bad because of two reasons:

1. Reduced usability. When resizing e.g. a web browser, I have no idea if I've made it the "right size" until I release the mouse pointer. Resizing a window becomes a slower process of trial and error. With the normal resizing mode, although it may be quite sluggish on some drivers with bad 2D performance, at least you can see much more rapidly what the result of a resize is.

2. Bad appearance. Not only does the rectangle obscure the contents of a window, but it's some strange shade of blue that doesn't fit with any theme.

This branch removes the delta from upstream configuration and restores the normal resize mode as the default mode.

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Travis Watkins (amaranth) wrote :

Normal resize mode still had issues on fglrx last time I checked so we can't change this default.

review: Disapprove

Unmerged revisions

266. By Alexander Jones

Revert to upstream settings for window resizing; i.e. actually resize the window live rather than drawing a blue rectangle

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1=== modified file 'debian/patches/029_default_options'
2--- debian/patches/029_default_options 2009-03-17 18:02:07 +0000
3+++ debian/patches/029_default_options 2009-04-24 18:01:40 +0000
4@@ -118,19 +118,6 @@
5 <min>0</min>
6 <max>4</max>
7 <desc>
8-Index: compiz-0.8.2/metadata/
10---- compiz-0.8.2.orig/metadata/ 2009-02-15 10:10:23.000000000 +0100
11-+++ compiz-0.8.2/metadata/ 2009-03-17 19:00:02.000000000 +0100
12-@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
13- <option name="mode" type="int">
14- <_short>Default Resize Mode</_short>
15- <_long>Default mode used for window resizing</_long>
16-- <default>0</default>
17-+ <default>2</default>
18- <min>0</min>
19- <max>3</max>
20- <desc>
21 Index: compiz-0.8.2/metadata/
22 ===================================================================
23 --- compiz-0.8.2.orig/metadata/ 2009-03-17 19:00:09.000000000 +0100


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