Code review comment for lp:~albertomilone/gnome-control-center/randr-virtual

Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote :

Mark Shuttleworth [2009-01-29 20:48 -0000]:
> It's understandable the passions this would inspire in those who use the
> option frequently. That's why I think we should either preserve the
> option, or remove it, but definitely leave an expert way to set it.

We have that, with the "dontzap" command line tool.

> If ctrl-alt-backspace is something that upstream believes was a
> mistake, or results in less usable software, then we would need to
> have a VERY strong belief in it to preserve it.

Full ack, and I don't think we should. Also, my feeling is that nobody
seriously asks for this, just about how to enable it again if they
want it.

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