Code review comment for lp:~albertomilone/gnome-control-center/randr-virtual

Mark Shuttleworth (sabdfl) wrote :

Alberto Milone wrote:
> It seems clear to me that this change in X will cause a lack of consistency
> (after a dist-upgrade) in the behaviour of the system. New users will probably
> benefit from the change in X but some old users will not be pleased, others
> may even think that something is wrong with their system (as we're not
> speaking about advanced users).
Yes, I think this is a valid concern. We should debate this seriously,
and come to a decision. I could live with either keeping the
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace behaviour, or stopping it, as long as we intend to
stick with that indefinitely and also as long as we keep a config file
option to change it.

But I strongly believe that the ability to change this for most users is
an option that will cause more confusion and harm than it will solve.

> I think of this patch as a compromise between leaving users confused after an
> upgrade and keeping DontZap disabled by default in X (despite upstream's
> decision). In any case this change is definitely something worth mentioning in
> the release notes together with some easy steps to re-enable this
> functionality.
> Of course I'm fine with either solution (i.e. rejecting or accepting this
> patch).

I appreciate your flexibility! But let's use this opportunity first to
evaluate MPT's commentary, and take the temperature of the team to see
if they are comfortable with us using that as a guiding set of
principles. And second, to see if we can get all the developers on this
thread excited about the idea of helping users by producing really
usable software. For that, I think we have to be willing to resist the
normal urge to create options.


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