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Daniel d'Andrada (dandrader) wrote :

Code makes sense, but it breaks the cursor. Ie, it no longer changes shape. Maybe it needs changes also on the qtmir side to match?

To test:
$ bzr branch lp:~dandrader/+junk/animatedDemos
$ cd animatedDemos/CustomCursor
$ qmake && make
$ cd ..
$ qmlscene CursorShapes.qml -I . -- --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/gedit.desktop

Currently there's a problem somewhere (didn't investigate yet) that several of the named cursors are not working anymore. But still, the following ones still work:
UpArrow, Cross, WhatsThis, DragCopy, Busy, DragMove, DragLink.
The big boat an football ball custom cursors should also be set and unset as expected

With this patch, no named cursor work anymore. Also once you hover over the big football ball, it never goes back to the arrow cursor.

review: Needs Fixing

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