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100763. By Arik on 2010-08-03

changes to branching and merging based on Stefan's suggestions. Use
tmp file for merge tagging and do not support the case of non-base
tagging (though non-merge tagging still supported). Default
branch-postfix to null string.

100762. By Arik on 2010-07-11


100761. By Arik on 2010-07-09

added function for automatic creation of branches via tagging
along with optional suffix's for tagging the branch base point
and branch itself. Added function for merging to current source.

100760. By dann on 2010-07-09

Make make-docfile understand DEFUN arguments written in standard C.
* lib-src/make-docfile.c (write_c_args): Deal with type names in DEFUN

100759. By dann on 2010-07-08

* configure.in: Use -Wold-style-definition if available.
This helps with the transition to standard C code, it can be
removed when done.

100758. By dann on 2010-07-08

Convert DEFUNs to standard C.
* src/alloc.c: Convert DEFUNs to standard C.
* src/buffer.c:
* src/bytecode.c:
* src/callint.c:
* src/callproc.c:
* src/casefiddle.c:
* src/casetab.c:
* src/category.c:
* src/character.c:
* src/charset.c:
* src/chartab.c:
* src/cmds.c:
* src/coding.c:
* src/composite.c:
* src/data.c:
* src/dbusbind.c:
* src/dired.c:
* src/dispnew.c:
* src/doc.c:
* src/dosfns.c:
* src/editfns.c:
* src/emacs.c:
* src/eval.c:
* src/fileio.c:
* src/filelock.c:
* src/floatfns.c:
* src/fns.c:
* src/font.c:
* src/fontset.c:
* src/frame.c:
* src/fringe.c:
* src/image.c:
* src/indent.c:
* src/insdel.c:
* src/keyboard.c:
* src/keymap.c:
* src/lread.c:
* src/macros.c:
* src/marker.c:
* src/menu.c:
* src/minibuf.c:
* src/msdos.c:
* src/nsfns.m:
* src/nsmenu.m:
* src/nsselect.m:
* src/print.c:
* src/process.c:
* src/search.c:
* src/sound.c:
* src/syntax.c:
* src/term.c:
* src/terminal.c:
* src/textprop.c:
* src/undo.c:
* src/w16select.c:
* src/w32console.c:
* src/w32fns.c:
* src/w32font.c:
* src/w32menu.c:
* src/w32proc.c:
* src/w32select.c:
* src/window.c:
* src/xdisp.c:
* src/xfaces.c:
* src/xfns.c:
* src/xmenu.c:
* src/xselect.c:
* src/xsettings.c:
* src/xsmfns.c: Likewise.

100757. By Eli Zaretskii on 2010-07-08

 MAINTAINERS: Update Eli Zaretskii's responsibilities.

100756. By Eli Zaretskii on 2010-07-08

Fix MS-DOS build broken by revno 100745; fix MS-DOS configury.

 src/process.c (kbd_is_on_hold, hold_keyboard_input)
 (unhold_keyboard_input, kbd_on_hold_p) [!subprocesses]: Define.
 msdos/sed1v2.inp (stamp-oldxmenu): Don't edit out in `temacs:' target,
 which doesn't exist.
 msdos/sed2v2.inp (HAVE_MEMCPY): Don't edit, already defined on <sys/config.h>.

100755. By Jan D. on 2010-07-08

Fix compilation for Motif/Lesstif.

* xmenu.c (set_frame_menubar, create_and_show_popup_menu)
(create_and_show_dialog): Don't call apply_systemfont_to_(menu|dialog)
unless USE_LUCID.

100754. By Jan D. on 2010-07-08

Change function definition from K&R to prototype. Fix prototype warnings.

* lwlib-Xaw.c (xaw_generic_callback, command_reset)
(xaw_update_one_value): Reformat.
(xaw_update_one_widget): Reformat and remove dead code.
(xaw_scrollbar_scroll, xaw_scrollbar_jump, xaw_create_scrollbar)
(xaw_update_scrollbar): Remove (not used).
(make_dialog): Change from K&R to prototype. Remove dead code.
(xaw_creation_table): Remove scrollbar entry.

* lwlib-Xlw.c (x_print_complete_resource_name): Change from K&R to
(xlw_update_one_value): Reformat.

* lwlib-Xm.c (x_print_complete_resource_name)
(make_destroyed_instance, free_destroyed_instance, first_child)
(lw_motif_widget_p, resource_motif_string, destroy_all_children)
(xm_arm_callback, xm_update_label, xm_update_list)
(xm_update_pushbutton, xm_update_cascadebutton)
(xm_update_toggle, xm_update_radiobox, make_menu_in_widget)
(update_one_menu_entry, xm_update_menu, xm_update_text)
(xm_update_text_field, xm_update_one_widget)
(xm_update_one_value, activate_button, dialog_key_cb)
(make_dialog, mark_dead_instance_destroyed)
(find_matching_instance, recenter_widget, recycle_instance)
(xm_create_dialog, make_menubar, remove_grabs, make_popup_menu)
(make_main, xm_destroy_instance, xm_popup_menu)
(set_min_dialog_size, xm_pop_instance, do_call)
(xm_internal_update_other_instances, xm_generic_callback)
(xm_nosel_callback, xm_pull_down_callback, xm_pop_down_callback)
(xm_set_keyboard_focus, xm_set_main_areas, xm_manage_resizing): Change
from K&R to prototype.

* lwlib-int.h (widget_creation_function): Fix prototype.

* lwlib.c (allocate_widget_info, lw_register_widget): Change from K&R
to prototype.
(lw_internal_update_other_instances, merge_widget_value): Reformat.

* xlwmenu.c (size_menu_item): Change from K&R to prototype.
Change label_width and height to int.
(draw_arrow, draw_shadow_rectangle, draw_shadow_rhombus)
(draw_separator, display_menu, fit_to_screen, motion_event_is_in_menu)
(map_event_to_widget_value): Reformat.
(display_menu_item): Change from K&R to prototype.

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