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Stéphane Bidoul (Acsone) (sbi) wrote :

> Valid question, Stéphane!
> the module can be easily merged with 7.0 too upon approval by means of
> cherrypicking. Banking addons 7.0 are ready and under review. If you want to
> try now, you could give this completely unstable and unsupported 'preview'
> branch a try:
> addons/ba7.0-future.
> Simply copy over the module from a 6.1 branch and change its dependency in
> from 'account_banking' to 'account_banking_payment'.

Hello Stefan,

I just made a quick test with your branch ba7.0-future, and it works indeed.

What are the main differences between your ba7.0-future branch and the banking-addons-7.0 series?


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