Merge lp:~akopytov/percona-xtrabackup/bug809073-1.6 into lp:percona-xtrabackup/1.6

Proposed by Alexey Kopytov on 2011-10-21
Status: Merged
Approved by: Stewart Smith on 2011-10-24
Approved revision: 303
Merged at revision: 303
Proposed branch: lp:~akopytov/percona-xtrabackup/bug809073-1.6
Merge into: lp:percona-xtrabackup/1.6
Diff against target: 20 lines (+2/-2)
1 file modified
innobackupex (+2/-2)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~akopytov/percona-xtrabackup/bug809073-1.6
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Stewart Smith (community) 2011-10-21 Approve on 2011-10-24
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Stewart Smith (stewart) :
review: Approve

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1=== modified file 'innobackupex'
2--- innobackupex 2011-10-21 13:53:25 +0000
3+++ innobackupex 2011-10-21 17:08:32 +0000
4@@ -2367,7 +2367,7 @@
6 innobackupex [--compress[=LEVEL]] [--include=REGEXP] [--user=NAME]
7 [--password=WORD] [--port=PORT] [--socket=SOCKET]
8- [--no-timestamp] [--ibbackup-binary=IBBACKUP-BINARY]
9+ [--no-timestamp] [--ibbackup=IBBACKUP-BINARY]
10 [--slave-info] [--stream=tar] [--force-tar]
11 [--scpopt=OPTIONS-FOR-SCP] [--defaults-file=MY.CNF]
12 [--databases=LIST] [--remote-host=HOSTNAME] [--no-lock]
13@@ -2455,7 +2455,7 @@
15 This option specifies the host to use when connecting to the database server with TCP/IP. The option accepts a string argument. It is passed to the mysql child process without alteration. See mysql --help for details.
17-=item --ibbackup-binary=IBBACKUP-BINARY
18+=item --ibbackup=IBBACKUP-BINARY
20 This option specifies which xtrabackup binary should be used. The option accepts a string argument. IBBACKUP-BINARY should be the command used to run XtraBackup. The option can be useful if the xtrabackup binary is not in your search path or working directory. If this option is not specified, innobackupex attempts to determine the binary to use automatically. By default, "xtrabackup" is the command used. However, when option --copy-back is specified, "xtrabackup_51" is the command used. And when option --apply-log is specified, the binary is used whose name is in the file "xtrabackup_binary" in the backup directory, if that file exists.


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