Code review comment for lp:~ahayzen/ubuntu-weather-app/reboot-uc1.3-bump

Andrew Hayzen (ahayzen) wrote :

@Bartosz, as the PageWithBottomEdge is an 'upstream' component to us, any modifications we make to the code we try to add a // CUSTOM comment next to them, and any code we remove we try to comment out rather than remove. This is to ease upgrading and help merge conflicts when changes are made upstream, so in this case we would comment out that block and add // CUSTOM as the block is upstream here [2].

Also IIRC the PageWrapperUtils.js:90: TypeError: Cannot read property 'createObject' of null is coming from somewhere in the SDK, we get the same in the music-app and can probably be safely ignored for now unless we can find the specific line causing it.

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