Code review comment for lp:~ahayzen/ubuntu-weather-app/reboot-uc1.3-bump

Andrew Hayzen (ahayzen) wrote :

1) Added title to the HomePage.qml
2) Fixed the bottomEdge issues
3) Not been able to reproduce this one yet, could you provide exact steps
4) Same as 3)
5) These look like issues due to the old listitems (note /Ubuntu/Components/ListItems/1.2/ not 1.3) still being used in the settings pages and will be fixed once [1] is done in the follow up branch after this one.

Meanwhile there appear to be offset issues in the LocationPage when switching on/off the auto detect location, which I believe partially existed before. I have minimised the issues when actually on the LocationPage, but it looks like I need to force the bottomEdge hint to reload when the location detection is toggled. As the offset is incorrect after switching until the app is restarted. I'll investigate this :-)

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