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Bartosz Kosiorek (gang65) wrote :

I would like to test weather app, but unfortunately I have an errors:

qml: Sent request URL:
qml: retry of
qml: Sent request URL:
qml: {"msg":"wrong response http code, got 401","request":{"type":"current","url":""}}
qml: wrong response http code, got 401 /
qml: {"msg":"wrong response http code, got 401","request":{"type":"daily","url":""}}

According to documentation:

Starting from 9 October 2015 our API requires a valid APPID for access. Note that this does not mean that our API is subscription-only now - please take a minute to register a free account to receive a key.

We are sorry for inconvenience but this is a necessary measure that will help us deliver our services to you faster and more reliably.

For FOSS developers: we welcome free and open source software and are willing to help you. If you want to use OWM data in your free software application please register an API key and file a ticket describing your application and API key registered. OWM will review your request lift access limits for your key if used in open source application.

@Victor Do you know how to resolve this issue?

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