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Andreas Hasenack (ahasenack) wrote :

I got this review via email from Ryan Tandy, the debian maintainer of openldap. ">" are his comments, and my reply below.

> - dropping GSSAPI is an ABI break (removing public symbols), therefore I
> think it requires a SONAME change and transition. I was going to
> propose dropping this when we eventually update to 2.5 as I don't
> foresee a SONAME bump happening sooner.

After an LTS is the right time to drop such an old delta, that was
even requested by (now upstream)

We should be able to rely on the symbols file to handle upgrades, no?
Or do you mean in terms of debian policy the soname must change?

> - dropping nssov breaks upgrades for anyone who has it enabled, unless
> you specifically add scripting to detect and disable it. I guess the
> numbers of users is small but I know at least one person who was (not
> sure whether still is) using nssov.

Scripting with the cn=config backend is tough. And just removing nssov
for the sake of having slapd start up fine would hide the change

For both these changes, we will certainly need release notes, and I
wrote this down already to add to the notes when we are closer to
release. I can also email ubuntu-server@ or even ubuntu-devel@ to get
a feeling who is using these, and what people think. I also think that
right after the LTS is a good time to tackle this problem and drop
stuff we don't use anymore, nor want our users still use. The nss
overlay requires "the client-side stuf library from nss-pam-ldapd",
which we only have in universe since precise, and I would like to
standardize on sssd as much as possible.

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