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213825d... by Andreas Hasenack


69ac053... by Andreas Hasenack


2d99fdc... by Andreas Hasenack


ee65408... by Andreas Hasenack

  * Dropped:
    - Rely on the generator units for the rpc_pipefs mount
      (LP: #1971935):
      + d/p/always-run-generator.patch: run the generator even if the
        config differs from the built-in default
      + d/rules: exclude the units we will let the generator produce
      [In 2.6.3-1]

cfd5726... by Andreas Hasenack

    - d/not-installed: mark files we knowingly don't include in the

173a81d... by Andreas Hasenack

    - rpc.svcgssd fixes and improvements (LP: #1977745):
      + d/p/nfs-conf-manpage-missing-svcgssd-options.patch: also
        document the missing svcgssd options to the nfs.conf(5) manpage

691ee55... by Andreas Hasenack

    - Move the regex module to a separate binary package libnfsidmap-regex
      (LP: #1974067):
      + d/control: new package, adjust breaks/conflicts
      + d/libnfsidmap-regex.install: install the plugin file
      + d/libnfsidmap1.install: don't install regex.so
      + d/p/ubuntu-idmapd-manpage-update-regex-other-package.patch:
        note that the regex plugin is in another package

49b7d38... by Andreas Hasenack

      + d/t/{control, v3-mount}: specific NFSv3 mount test

1f71823... by Andreas Hasenack

    - Add more DEP8 tests (LP: #1960828):
      + d/t/{control,kerberos-mount,util}: test NFSv4 krb5p mounts

21cc4dd... by Andreas Hasenack

      + d/rules: build with apport, and install the hook in the
        nfs-common package which is installed on both client and servers