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567161b... by Andreas Hasenack

Promote frr, demote quagga

MIR LP: #1951834

4ff3a05... by Bryce Harrington

Drop php-xmlrpc from Main

This used to be carried in src:php and thus was in main, and as such has
been seeded in supported-misc-servers. However, nothing in main
actually depends on it (only src:libsoup2.4 appears to, and that's a
universe package), and it's not a package we generally have been
providing direct end-user support for, so seems best suited to live in
universe now.

LP: #1956345
Signed-off-by: Bryce Harrington <email address hidden>

3ad87d2... by Lukas Märdian

Unseed ccache, not used by any other supported package, no MIR process


fffb8b7... by Steve Langasek

Unseed octavia, has not passed MIR for this cycle

3da2eb1... by Steve Langasek

Move language-selector-common to the desktop-common seed

The history indicates this is useful for the server installer, but:
- the server installer makes no use of it
- if it did, it could be seeded in the installer squashfs instead of in the
  rootfs where it would be unused post-install
- nearly everything this package will install is specific to desktop
  (fonts, input methods, ...)
- seeding it in standard also pulls it into cloud images, which is where
  I noticed this as a result of LP: #1871538

I think this should be pushed up to desktop-common given its actual usage.

d400284... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

just delete the supported-installer-server seed completely

f504adb... by Dan Bungert

Drop probert - subiquity snap brings own copy

Current subiquity brings a specific copy of probert in the subiquity
snap, so this copy is redundant at best.

39cc382... by Brian Murray

Merge remote-tracking branch 'mwhudson/drop-jasper' into impish
drop long dead jasper package from supported-installer-desktop

39ff18a... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

drop long dead jasper package from supported-installer-desktop

888f0b2... by Steve Langasek

binary package name, not source package name