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Proposed by Andreas Hasenack
Status: Superseded
Proposed branch: lp:~ahasenack/britney/ocfs2-tools-hints-1.8.5-5ubuntu1
Merge into: lp:britney
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10 files modified
adconrad (+54/-0)
apw (+45/-0)
laney (+34/-0)
pitti (+55/-0)
sil2100 (+25/-0)
stefanor (+12/-0)
stgraber (+2/-0)
tjaalton (+3/-0)
ubuntu-release (+126/-0)
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Commit message

Update the ocfs2-tools badtest hint to 1.8.5-5ubuntu1, as it still doesn't work in s390x.

Description of the change

Update the ocfs2-tools badtest hint to 1.8.5-5ubuntu1, as it still doesn't work in s390x. See upstream bug at

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Unmerged revisions

3155. By Andreas Hasenack

Update the ocfs2-tools badtest hint to 1.8.5-5ubuntu1, as it still doesn't
work in s390x.

3154. By Ɓukasz Zemczak

badtest systemd/arm64

3153. By Stefano Rivera

Unknown regression

3152. By Stefano Rivera

Bump python-xarray (arm64 only)

3151. By Andy Whitcroft

linux: s390x issues kicking that can

Signed-off-by: Andy Whitcroft <email address hidden>

3150. By Andy Whitcroft

linux: primary kernel is now a direct upload -- drop unblock too

Signed-off-by: Andy Whitcroft <email address hidden>

3149. By Andy Whitcroft

linux: primary kernel is now a direct upload.

Signed-off-by: Andy Whitcroft <email address hidden>

3148. By Andy Whitcroft

kernels: unblock now released copies

Signed-off-by: Andy Whitcroft <email address hidden>

3147. By Steve Langasek

pinentry fluke pass on amd64 also

3146. By Iain Lane

bump udisks2

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1=== added file 'adconrad'
2--- adconrad 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
3+++ adconrad 2018-07-31 19:04:17 +0000
4@@ -0,0 +1,54 @@
5+# Racy tests are not worth blocking every SRU ever on:
6+force-badtest open-iscsi/2.0.874-5ubuntu2/amd64
7+# This has been flapping forever and is brute-forced with retries:
8+force-badtest haskell-hoogle/all/arm64
9+# Regressed in release pocket:
10+force-badtest mash/2.0-2/armhf
11+force-badtest node-chokidar/1.7.0-1/s390x node-chokidar/1.7.0-2/s390x
12+force-badtest node-platform/1.3.4-3/s390x node-platform/1.3.5-1/s390x
13+force-badtest node-yargs/10.0.3-2
14+# These tests fail now that s390x provides isolation-machine:
15+force-badtest dahdi-linux/all/s390x
16+force-badtest gsequencer/1.4.24-1/s390x
17+force-badtest libdata-uuid-libuuid-perl/0.05-3build1/s390x
18+# Test is flaky on all arches, it's a miracle it passed once:
19+force-badtest pglogical/2.2.0-1
20+# New 2.x tests fail on armhf due to slow I/O
21+force-badtest pgbackrest/2.02-1/armhf
22+# Depends on x86-only libngs-java
23+force-badtest beagle/all/armhf beagle/all/ppc64el beagle/all/s390x
24+force-badtest fastqc/all/armhf fastqc/all/ppc64el fastqc/all/s390x
25+# Depends on stuff no longer built:
26+force-badtest libcatmandu-store-mongodb-perl/all/i386
27+force-badtest roary/all/armhf roary/all/s390x
28+force-badtest pbgenomicconsensus/all/i386
29+# Not built on i386, the test might not work:
30+force-badtest pbh5tools/all/i386
31+# Mysteriously passed once, and never again:
32+force-badtest vagrant-libvirt/0.0.40-1/amd64 vagrant-libvirt/0.0.40-1/s390x vagrant-libvirt/0.0.43-2/amd64 vagrant-libvirt/0.0.43-2/s390x
33+# Regression exists in release and proposed:
34+force-badtest r-bioc-annotationhub/2.10.1-1 r-bioc-annotationhub/2.12.0-2 r-bioc-annotationhub/2.12.0+dfsg-1
35+force-badtest r-bioc-biocparallel/1.12.0-2/s390x r-bioc-biocparallel/1.12.0-2/armhf
36+force-badtest r-bioc-biocparallel/1.14.0-2/s390x r-bioc-biocparallel/1.14.0-2/armhf
37+force-badtest r-bioc-biocparallel/1.14.1-1build1/s390x r-bioc-biocparallel/1.14.1-1build1/armhf
38+force-badtest r-bioc-biocparallel/1.14.2-1/s390x r-bioc-biocparallel/1.14.2-1/armhf
39+# debootstrap's tests are a flaming heap in containers:
40+force-badtest debootstrap/all/s390x
41+# fails only on lxc hosts
42+force-badtest sbuild/all/armhf
43+# profnet-snapfun test is regressed in both release and proposed:
44+force-badtest profnet/1.0.22-5
45+# opening unblocks:
46+unblock distro-info-data/0.37ubuntu1
47+unblock base-files/10.1ubuntu3
48+unblock vim/2:8.0.1453-1ubuntu2
49+# docker tests can't pass untl lxd cosmic images exist
50+force-skiptest vim/2:8.0.1453-1ubuntu2
51+unblock debootstrap/1.0.95ubuntu1
52+# lxc tests can't pass until lxc images exist
53+force-skiptest debootstrap/1.0.95ubuntu1
54+unblock iso-scan/1.55ubuntu6
55+unblock choose-mirror/2.78ubuntu4
56+unblock preseed/1.71ubuntu8
57+unblock cdrom-detect/1.57ubuntu6
58+unblock debian-installer/20101020ubuntu544
60=== added file 'apw'
61--- apw 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
62+++ apw 2018-07-31 19:04:17 +0000
63@@ -0,0 +1,45 @@
64+# While copying kernels forward from xenial it rather too easy for linux
65+# to slip out without the testing being fully reviewed. As britney is not
66+# able to track previous failures correctly for kernels.
67+#block linux
68+block linux-raspi2
69+block linux-oem
70+block linux-aws
71+block linux-azure
72+block linux-gcp
73+block linux-kvm
75+# Development kernel unblocks:
76+#unblock linux/4.15.0-23.25
77+unblock linux-raspi2/4.15.0-1017.18
78+unblock linux-oem/4.15.0-1012.15
79+unblock linux-aws/4.15.0-1016.16
80+unblock linux-azure/4.15.0-1018.18
81+unblock linux-gcp/4.15.0-1014.14
82+unblock linux-kvm/4.15.0-1016.16
85+# arm* removed in zesty-proposed hint in-progress tests against them.
86+force-badtest sunpy/all/armhf
88+# dkms failures here are actually kernel 4.9 related
89+force-badtest kpatch/0.3.2-3ubuntu1
91+# python-pysam does not (and never has) built on armhf and i386
92+force-badtest python-pysam/all/armhf python-pysam/all/i386
94+# ginggs -- monkeysign ... unexpected pass
95+force-badtest monkeysign/2.2.3/i386 monkeysign/2.2.3/armhf monkeysign/2.2.3/ppc64el
97+# kde is splittins apps out of this package, it is not relevant to those split apps.
98+force-badtest kde-baseapps/4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1
100+# 14-feb-2017: armhf test non-installable
101+force-badtest python-cobra/all/armhf
103+# python-scipy/i386 is failing due a bug in the tests, do not want to trigger
104+# a whole new set of tests to fix it.
105+force-badtest python-scipy/0.19.1-2ubuntu1/i386
107+# linux-gcp/armhf -- does not even build here, so tests here cannot be relevant
108+force-badtest linux-gcp/all/armhf
110=== added file 'arges'
111=== added file 'brian-murray'
112=== added file 'cjwatson'
113=== added file 'freeze'
114=== added file 'jriddell'
115=== added file 'kitterman'
116=== added file 'laney'
117--- laney 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
118+++ laney 2018-07-31 19:04:17 +0000
119@@ -0,0 +1,34 @@
120+# regressed in release; some valgrind leaks:
121+force-badtest colord/1.3.3-2build1
123+# doko removed pdftk which this depends on...
124+force-badtest dmalloc/5.5.2-10
126+# isolation-machine, needs thunderbird which isn't available
127+force-badtest firejail/all/s390x
129+# passed once by fluke on armhf it seems
131+force-badtest ostree/all/armhf
134+force-badtest libreoffice/1:6.0.6~rc1-0ubuntu1/i386
136+# mongo isn't built for armhf/i386 any more
137+force-badtest flask-mongoengine/all/i386
138+force-badtest mongodb/all/i386
139+force-badtest flask-mongoengine/all/armhf
140+force-badtest mongodb/all/armhf
142+# FTBFS, no package on this arch, unclear how it passed(!)
143+force-badtest python-fitsio/all/armhf
145+# Field3D only supports Ogawa-backed files on little-endian systems.
146+force-badtest field3d/all/s390x
148+# @INC problem; not perl 5.24
149+force-badtest eekboek/2.02.05+dfsg-2
151+# bad test which fails if the test runner can't reach the public Internet.
152+# LP: #1427982
153+force-badtest libtest-requiresinternet-perl/0.05-2
155=== added file 'pitti'
156--- pitti 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
157+++ pitti 2018-07-31 19:04:17 +0000
158@@ -0,0 +1,55 @@
159+# new PEP-8 errors with zesty's newer pep8 tool; don't bump!
160+force-badtest rpmlint/1.9-6
162+# segfaults on 32 bit
163+force-badtest baloo-kf5/all/i386 baloo-kf5/all/armhf
165+# started failing with move to lxd on armhf
166+force-badtest pbuilder/all/armhf
169+# blacklisted for test runs as they kill testbeds
172+force-badtest stress-ng/blacklisted/ppc64el
175+# flaky, universe, nobody cares in Ubuntu
178+force-badtest beets/all/s390x
179+# times out
180+force-badtest c2esp/all/armhf
181+force-badtest debci/1.7.1
182+force-badtest elasticsearch-curator/5.2.0-1
183+# takes painfully long, times out on armhf, testing on x86 is enough
184+force-badtest epson-inkjet-printer-escpr/all/armhf
185+force-badtest gjs/all/s390x
186+force-badtest jsurf-alggeo/0.3.0+ds-1
187+force-badtest libcgi-application-plugin-captcha-perl/0.04-2
188+# broken test if git is installed
189+force-badtest libdist-zilla-plugin-githubmeta-perl/0.52-1
190+force-badtest mercurial/all/armhf
191+# flaky on s390x, alwaysfail on others
192+force-badtest palabos/s390x/all
193+force-badtest pdns/all
194+force-badtest pbsuite/all/i386
195+force-badtest php-horde-http/2.1.7-1 php-horde-http/2.1.7-3
196+force-badtest php-horde-icalendar/all/armhf php-horde-icalendar/all/i386
197+force-badtest python-publicsuffix/1.1.0-2
198+force-badtest pyzmq/all/s390x pyzmq/all/armhf
199+force-badtest rexical/1.0.5-2build1
200+force-badtest ruby-amq-protocol/all/s390x
201+force-badtest ruby-augeas/1:0.5.0-3build6
202+# Debian #816161
203+force-badtest ruby-awesome-print/1.6.1-2
204+force-badtest ruby-kaminari/0.17.0-3
205+force-badtest ruby-minitest-excludes/2.0.0-1
206+force-badtest ruby-mixlib-shellout/2.2.6-1
207+force-badtest ruby-rack/1.6.4-4
208+force-badtest ruby-roadie-rails/1.1.0-1
209+force-badtest ruby-sshkit/all/s390x
210+force-badtest ruby-test-unit/3.2.5-1/amd64
211+force-badtest ruby-webmock/3.0.1-1
212+force-badtest s3ql/2.26+dfsg-1ubuntu1
213+force-badtest zodb/1:3.10.7-1build1/ppc64el zodb/1:3.10.7-1build1/s390x
215=== added file 'racb'
216=== added file 'raof'
217=== added file 'sil2100'
218--- sil2100 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
219+++ sil2100 2018-07-31 19:04:17 +0000
220@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
221+# Something broke ubuntu-image tests completely (LP: #1775084, LP: #1775085)
222+force-badtest ubuntu-image/1.3+18.04ubuntu2
224+# Release broke the liggghts armhf tests which are now failing, plans of removing the armhf binary
225+force-badtest liggghts/3.7.0+repack1-1build1/armhf
227+# These tests should never pass - was Always Failed until unexpectedly passing once. The suite is not ready yet. Actually, when it passed it actually failed, just status is wrongly reported.
228+force-badtest pyfai/0.15.0+dfsg1-1/amd64 pyfai/0.15.0+dfsg1-1/arm64
230+# Some more R badtests that are failing, some of which basically from the start
231+force-badtest r-cran-rmarkdown/1.10+dfsg-1/armhf r-cran-rmarkdown/1.10+dfsg-1/s390x
232+force-badtest r-cran-yaml/2.1.19-1ubuntu1/i386
233+force-badtest r-cran-memoise/1.1.0-2/armhf
235+# These tests are broken and worked on, but until then we would need to unblock some migrations (see #896635 in Debian)
236+force-badtest python-scipy/0.19.1-2ubuntu1/amd64
238+# Flaky tests, timing-out constantly, never passed for the new version (LP: #1780767)
239+force-badtest apport/2.20.10-0ubuntu6/amd64
241+# Known issues in s390x testing.
242+force-badtest linux/4.17.0-6.7/s390x
244+# Test passed only once but apparently it's still broken with the new version, so not really a regression
245+force-badtest systemd/239-7ubuntu1/arm64
247=== added file 'stefanor'
248--- stefanor 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
249+++ stefanor 2018-07-31 19:04:17 +0000
250@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
251+# autodep8 bug #832567
252+force-badtest ruby-cucumber-wire/0.0.1-2
254+# -2 was flakey too
255+force-badtest octave-symbolic/2.6.0-3build1/s390x
257+# from ginggs: new tests regress
259+force-badtest python-xarray/0.10.7-1/arm64 python-xarray/0.10.8-1/arm64
261+# Unknown regression, raised by ginngs
262+force-badtest cmake-extras/1.3+17.04.20170310-1ubuntu4/ppc64el
264=== added file 'stgraber'
265--- stgraber 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
266+++ stgraber 2018-07-31 19:04:17 +0000
267@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
268+# snapcraft adt broken on maven test
269+force-badtest snapcraft/2.40+18.04.3
271=== added file 'tjaalton'
272--- tjaalton 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
273+++ tjaalton 2018-07-31 19:04:17 +0000
274@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
275+# hardly ever passes, blocks pyasn1 from migrating
276+force-badtest bdfproxy/0.3.9-1/amd64
279=== added file 'ubuntu-release'
280--- ubuntu-release 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
281+++ ubuntu-release 2018-07-31 19:04:17 +0000
282@@ -0,0 +1,126 @@
283+# passed previously in containers, now fails everywhere
284+force-badtest ruby-fakeweb/1.3.0+git20131202.48208f9+dfsg-3 ruby-fakeweb/1.3.0+git20170806+dfsg1-1
286+# regressed in release
287+force-badtest adequate/0.15.1ubuntu5
288+force-badtest afl/2.52b-2
289+force-badtest apt-clone/0.4.1ubuntu2
290+force-badtest celery/4.1.0-2ubuntu1
291+force-badtest conntrack-tools/1:1.4.4+snapshot20161117-6ubuntu2/armhf
292+force-badtest dh-ada-library/6.12
293+force-badtest ganeti/2.16.0~rc2-1build1/i386 ganeti/2.16.0~rc2-1build1/armhf
294+force-badtest libfile-userconfig-perl/0.06-4/i386
295+force-badtest libgeo-coder-googlev3-perl/0.16-1/i386
296+force-badtest libterm-filter-perl/0.03-2/arm64
297+force-badtest lintian/2.5.81ubuntu1
298+force-badtest log4cxx/0.10.0-13ubuntu1
299+force-badtest node-cache-base/0.8.4-1
300+force-badtest node-external-editor/2.0.4+dfsg-1
301+force-badtest octave-tisean/0.2.3-3
302+force-badtest python-ruffus/2.6.3+dfsg-4/amd64 python-ruffus/2.6.3+dfsg-5/amd64 python-ruffus/2.7-1/amd64
303+force-badtest ruby-pkg-config/1.2.9-1
304+force-badtest ruby-rspec-puppet/2.6.1-1
305+force-badtest sextractor/2.19.5+dfsg-5/amd64 sextractor/2.19.5+dfsg-6/amd64
306+force-badtest stunnel4/3:5.44-1ubuntu2
307+force-badtest twisted/17.9.0-1 twisted/17.9.0-2
308+force-badtest vagrant-lxc/1.2.1-3ubuntu1/amd64 vagrant-lxc/1.4.0-1/amd64
309+force-badtest xen-tools/4.7-1/arm64
310+force-badtest yorick/2.2.04+dfsg1-7 yorick/2.2.04+dfsg1-9
311+force-badtest systemd/237-3ubuntu10/ppc64el systemd/237-3ubuntu10/amd64 systemd/237-3ubuntu10/i386
313+# skip tests that fail now that s390x has full VMs
314+force-badtest vagrant-lxc/1.2.1-3ubuntu1/s390x vagrant-lxc/1.4.0-1/s390x
315+# Was skipped in lxc, never passed in a vm, questionable usefulness on s390x/ppc64el given it tests usb camera...
316+force-badtest gvfs/1.36.1-0ubuntu1/ppc64el gvfs/1.36.1-0ubuntu1/s390x gvfs/1.36.1-0ubuntu3/ppc64el gvfs/1.36.1-0ubuntu3/s390x
318+# tests broken with proxy
319+force-badtest golang-github-hashicorp-atlas-go/0.0~git20170808.8261ea0-1 golang-github-hashicorp-atlas-go/0.0~git20170808.8261ea0-3
321+# primer3 builds binary-all package but binary-arch package removed on architecture
322+force-badtest primer3/2.4.0-1ubuntu1/s390x primer3/2.4.0-1ubuntu2/s390x
323+force-badtest libbio-primerdesigner-perl/0.07-5/s390x
325+# flaky
326+force-badtest makedumpfile/1:1.6.3-2/amd64
327+force-badtest network-manager/1.10.6-2ubuntu1/amd64
328+force-badtest octave-symbolic/2.6.0-3build1/i386 octave-symbolic/2.6.0-3build1/amd64 octave-symbolic/2.6.0-3build1/ppc64el octave-symbolic/2.6.0-3build1/arm64
329+force-badtest snapd/2.32+18.04/i386
330+force-badtest udisks2/2.7.6-3ubuntu1/s390x
332+# passed once as a fluke
333+force-badtest libanyevent-yubico-perl/0.9.3-1
334+force-badtest barrnap/0.9+dfsg-1/armhf
336+# flaky due to timeouts
337+force-badtest octave-ltfat/2.2.0+dfsg-7/arm64 octave-ltfat/2.2.0+dfsg-7/armhf octave-ltfat/2.3.0+dfsg.1-1/arm64 octave-ltfat/2.3.0+dfsg.1-1/armhf
339+# architectures not available; tests never should have passed
340+force-badtest nanopolish/all/arm64 nanopolish/all/armhf nanopolish/all/ppc64el nanopolish/all/s390x
342+# superseded by python-ldap
343+force-badtest python-pyldap/all
345+# this is seemingly always-failed from the history we can see but is reporting
346+# regression at least on patch. Hint this until it is investigated.
347+force-badtest nvidia-graphics-drivers-340/all/armhf
349+# snapd regression due to a kernel-memory leak which is now detected
350+# the fix for the kernel is in flight.
351+force-badtest snapd/ snapd/2.32.5+18.04/i386
353+# fails to start if it cannot bind to [::]:53, which conflicts with systemd-resolved; LP: #1764327
354+force-badtest gdnsd/2.3.0-1
356+# passed once as a fluke
357+force-badtest octave-zeromq/1.2.1-3/arm64
359+# only doc package on these archs
360+force-badtest pyfai/all/ppc64el pyfai/all/s390x
362+# assumes /etc/init.d/networking
363+force-badtest pcs/0.9.162-1 pcs/0.9.164-1
365+# flaky / test timeouts
366+force-badtest mercurial/4.5.3-1ubuntu2/arm64 mercurial/4.6.1-1ubuntu1/arm64
368+# Custom kernels can never pass tests, as the right meta is not
369+# included, and some of these may not even run in scalingstack These
370+# are therefore false-regressions, as triggered by e.g. pciutils -- xnox
371+force-badtest linux-aws/all
372+force-badtest linux-azure/all
373+force-badtest linux-azure-edge/all
374+force-badtest linux-euclid/all
375+force-badtest linux-gcp/all
376+force-badtest linux-gke/all
377+force-badtest linux-hwe/all
378+force-badtest linux-hwe-edge/all
379+force-badtest linux-oem/all
381+# flaky test due to race with ipv6 RA due to deliberate networkd change
384+# the source package for linux-image has changed and the test suite now needs updated; LP: #1766740
385+force-badtest apport/2.20.9-0ubuntu6/amd64 apport/2.20.9-0ubuntu7/amd64
387+# regressed in release due to missing python deps and changed transitive dependencies
388+force-badtest snapcraft/2.42+18.04.2
390+# package removed from release, no point in keeping it out due to 32-bit-specific autopkgtest failure
391+force-badtest why/2.39-2build1/i386 why/2.39-2build1/armhf why/2.39-2build2/i386 why/2.39-2build2/armhf
393+# searx is internally segfaulting regardless of which web-server it is used with: LP: #1772749 LP: #1772753.
394+force-badtest searx/0.14.0+dfsg1-2/amd64 searx/0.14.0+dfsg1-2/i386 searx/0.14.0+dfsg1-2/s390x
396+# Odd_Bloke: tests don't compile in release pocket, filed
397+force-badtest xtensor-python/0.12.4-1
399+# gings: passed accidentially once
400+force-badtest pyfai/0.15.0+dfsg1-1/amd64
402+# regressed in release, probably due to gcc/binutils
403+force-badtest abi-compliance-checker/2.3-0ubuntu1/arm64 abi-compliance-checker/2.3-1/arm64
405+# vorlon> crash in an unrelated module used only for testing
406+# sil2000> The test flakiness spread from arm64 to other archs. Tracked in Debian under #902628
407+force-badtest r-cran-curl/3.1-2/arm64 r-cran-curl/3.2-1/arm64
408+force-badtest r-cran-curl/3.2-2build1/arm64 r-cran-curl/3.2-2build1/ppc64el r-cran-curl/3.2-2build1/s390x
410=== added file 'ubuntu-sru'
411=== added file 'vorlon'
412--- vorlon 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
413+++ vorlon 2018-07-31 19:04:17 +0000
414@@ -0,0 +1,211 @@
415+# broken on arm64 with new jemalloc; skip it anyway to let the transition in.
416+force-skiptest mariadb-10.1/1:10.1.29-6build2/arm64
418+force-badtest gist/all/armhf gist/all/s390x
419+force-badtest ruby-parallel/all/armhf ruby-parallel/all/s390x ruby-ferret/all/armhf
421+# flaky due to timeouts
422+force-badtest node-foreground-child/1.5.6-4ubuntu2/armhf
424+# test failure not reproducible locally or in Debian; not worth blocking on
425+force-badtest ack/2.22-1
427+# regressed in release, possibly an infrastructure issue
428+force-badtest r-cran-openssl/0.9.6-1build1/amd64
430+# tests broken by new python-astropy; allow to regress rather than leaving the rest of astropy family broken
431+force-badtest aplpy/1.1.1-1
432+force-badtest gwcs/0.7-2
433+force-badtest python-asdf/1.3.1-2
434+# was already broken but silently passing; failure now exposed thanks to the maintainer
435+force-badtest python-asdf/1.3.3-1/s390x python-asdf/2.0.1-1/s390x
436+force-badtest python-asdf/2.0.1-1/armhf
438+# possibly due to a valgrind change?
439+force-badtest colord/1.3.3-2build1/ppc64el
441+# regressed in release due to updated graphviz
442+force-badtest botch/0.21-5
444+# highly racy at best
445+force-badtest node-tap/11.0.0+ds1-2/arm64
447+# regressed with move to kvm
448+force-badtest coz-profiler/0.1.0-2
449+force-badtest python-docker/2.5.1-1
451+# requires its own version of mariadb-test, that binary package now owned by mariadb-10.2.
452+force-badtest mariadb-10.1/1:10.1.29-6 mariadb-10.1/1:10.1.29-6build2 mariadb-10.1/1:10.1.29-6ubuntu2
454+# ANAIS
455+force-badtest ruby-mongo/all/i386
457+# only passes in a newer version.
458+force-badtest slurm-llnl/17.02.9-1/armhf slurm-llnl/17.02.9-1/i386
460+# failing kernel autopkgtest not caused by a no-change rebuild of gdb
461+force-badtest linux/4.15.0-15.16/s390x
463+# regressed in release
464+force-badtest ruby-httpclient/2.8.3-1ubuntu1
465+force-badtest ghub-plus-el/0.2.1-1/s390x
466+force-badtest node-component-emitter/1.2.1-1
467+force-badtest node-jed/1.1.1-1
468+force-badtest node-json-parse-better-errors/1.0.1-1
469+force-badtest node-package/1.0.1-1
470+force-badtest node-sinon-chai/2.10.0-1
471+force-badtest sax.js/1.2.4-1
472+force-badtest svgpp/1.2.3+dfsg1-3ubuntu1/s390x
473+force-badtest libcoap/4.1.2-1/s390x
474+force-badtest rclone/1.36-3
475+force-badtest bio-tradis/1.3.3+dfsg-3
476+force-badtest astroscrappy/1.0.5-1build3
477+force-badtest docker-libkv/0.2.1-1
478+force-badtest golang-github-xordataexchange-crypt/0.0.2+git20170626.21.b2862e3-1
479+force-badtest keyutils/1.5.9-9.2ubuntu1
480+force-badtest octave-zeromq/1.2.1-3/s390x
481+force-badtest zodb/1:3.10.7-1build1/amd64 zodb/1:3.10.7-1build1/i386
482+force-badtest reel/0.6.1-4
483+force-badtest golang-github-spf13-viper/1.0.0+git20171109.4dddf7c-1
484+force-badtest schleuder/3.0.0~beta11-2
485+force-badtest gfs2-utils/3.1.9-2ubuntu1
486+force-badtest postfix/3.3.0-1/armhf
487+force-badtest node-class-utils/0.3.5-1
488+force-badtest node-define-property/1.0.0-1
489+force-badtest node-static-extend/0.1.2-1
491+# how does someone write a tty-related test so bad that it passes in a container and fails in a VM?
492+force-badtest pinentry/1.1.0-1/s390x pinentry/1.1.0-1/arm64 pinentry/1.1.0-1/amd64 pinentry/1.1.0-1/i386 pinentry/1.1.0-1build2/arm64 pinentry/1.1.0-1build2/s390x pinentry/1.1.0-1build2/i386 pinentry/1.1.0-1build2/amd64
494+# Was skipped in lxc, never passed in a vm, not supported on big-endian
496+force-badtest ocfs2-tools/1.8.5-5ubuntu1/s390x
498+# bad test, assumes that architecture has WiFi, urfkill, dhcp. previously it would SKIP on s390x, now it is run in nova-kvm and is treated as a regression rather than an always-failed
499+force-badtest network-manager/all/s390x
501+# Skip tests that fail now that s390x has full VMs
502+force-badtest c-icap/1:0.4.4-1/s390x
504+# nonsensical error with new perl; allow it to regress to let perl migrate
505+force-badtest libdata-dpath-perl/0.57-1
507+# testing triggered from autodep-8: the kernel contains matching modules which causes an installation
508+# failure when used with a kernel which contains them.
509+force-badtest virtualbox/5.2.8-dfsg-2
511+# passed once as a fluke
512+force-badtest libanyevent-httpd-perl/0.93-5/ppc64el libanyevent-httpd-perl/all/s390x libanyevent-httpd-perl/all/armhf
513+force-badtest golang-github-mwitkow-go-conntrack/0.0~git20161129.cc309e4-1
515+# passed once as a fluke
516+force-badtest mbuffer/20171011-1ubuntu1/ppc64el
518+# regressed in release
519+force-badtest nut/2.7.4-5.1ubuntu2/s390x
520+force-badtest libpoe-component-client-dns-perl/1:1.054-1ubuntu1
521+force-badtest libanyevent-yubico-perl/0.9.3-1/ppc64el
522+force-badtest grr/
523+force-badtest xandikos/0.0.6-2/amd64 xandikos/0.0.6-2/i386 xandikos/0.0.6-2/arm64 xandikos/0.0.6-2/ppc64el
524+# hicolor-icon-theme
525+force-badtest pyxdg/0.25-4
527+# regressed in release; maybe related to resolved/netplan.
528+force-badtest ifupdown/0.8.17ubuntu1/ppc64el
530+# broken by infra; remove badtest asap - LP: #1736390
531+force-badtest openvswitch/2.9.0-0ubuntu1/i386
533+# The only test that is run is a rebuild test because the integration test doesn't work in a container; a kernel build takes 7h on armhf, the max a test is allowed to run on autopkgtest is 2h47m. Blacklist this until further notice.
534+force-badtest linux-raspi2/all linux/all/armhf
536+# flaky
537+force-badtest node-d3-timer/1.0.7-3
538+force-badtest awesome/4.2-4/armhf
539+force-badtest golang-github-prometheus-tsdb/0.0~git20180118.467948f-1/amd64
541+# regressed in release
542+force-badtest pdb2pqr/2.1.1+dfsg-2
543+force-badtest gap-guava/3.13+ds-2
545+# regressed in release due to compiler strictness (stderr)
546+force-badtest globjects/1.1.0-2/armhf
547+force-badtest mathicgb/1.0~git20170606-1/armhf
549+# now failing with timeouts
550+force-badtest haveged/1.9.1-6/armhf
552+# pandas no longer available on armhf
553+force-badtest lmfit-py/armhf/all
555+# flaky / timeouts
556+force-badtest node-tap/11.0.0+ds1-2/armhf
557+# additional flaky test/spawn.js test on all archs with new nodejs
558+force-badtest node-tap/11.0.0+ds1-2/i386 node-tap/11.0.0+ds1-2/ppc64el
560+# regressed in release; possibly all due to the same cause of something updating in the perl auto test infrastructure
561+force-badtest license-reconcile/0.14
562+force-badtest libsoap-wsdl-perl/3.003-2
564+# mongodb-server is not installable on armhf/i386; this tells us nothing of whether the client works
565+force-badtest python-motor/all/armhf python-motor/all/i386
567+# already broken in release
568+force-badtest ddcci-driver-linux/0.3.1-2/s390x
570+# test deps now unsatisfiable because of kde removals
571+force-badtest kopete/all/ppc64el kopete/all/s390x
572+force-badtest libkf5ksieve/all/ppc64el libkf5ksieve/all/s390x
573+force-badtest kf5-kdepim-apps-libs/all/ppc64el kf5-kdepim-apps-libs/all/s390x
574+force-badtest libkf5calendarsupport/all/ppc64el libkf5calendarsupport/all/s390x
575+force-badtest libkf5incidenceeditor/all/ppc64el libkf5incidenceeditor/all/s390x
576+force-badtest libkf5gravatar/all/ppc64el libkf5gravatar/all/s390x
577+force-badtest libkf5mailimporter/all/ppc64el libkf5mailimporter/all/s390x
578+force-badtest akonadi-calendar/all/ppc64el akonadi-calendar/all/s390x
579+force-badtest libkf5eventviews/all/ppc64el libkf5eventviews/all/s390x
580+force-badtest kdepim-addons/all/s390x
581+force-badtest kdepim-runtime/all/ppc64el kdepim-runtime/all/s390x
582+force-badtest parley/all/ppc64el parley/all/s390x
584+# non-empty stderr with new g++
585+force-badtest glbinding/2.1.1-1/armhf
587+# passes once in a blue moon, just often enough to gum things up.
588+force-badtest pyzmq/16.0.2-2build2
590+# regressed in release by unknown means
591+force-badtest qbzr/0.23.2-3/ppc64el qbzr/0.23.2-3/s390x
593+# regressed due to new warnings from gcc
594+force-badtest ciftilib/1.5.1-1build1
596+force-badtest aptdaemon/1.1.1+bzr982-0ubuntu19
598+# "blacklisted", self-explanatory.
599+force-badtest upstart/blacklisted libnih/blacklisted linux/blacklisted/i386 linux/blacklisted/amd64 linux/blacklisted/ppc64el
600+force-badtest stress-ng/blacklisted
602+# As requested by yofel: testing needed to allow a xenial SRU.
603+force-badtest plasma-framework/all/s390x
605+# breaks with firefox 49, which (with this hint) we are allowing into the release
606+force-badtest y-u-no-validate/2013052407-3
608+# bad test, but better to have this package in xenial and unblock things than leave it on the list
609+force-badtest guessit/0.11.0-2
611+# sil2100: the ubuntu-image armhf tests are failing due to some issues with mkfs.ext4 on that arch, in-progress, hard to debug. No sense in blocking migrations (LP: #1740840)
612+force-badtest ubuntu-image/1.3+18.04ubuntu2/armhf
614+# sil2100: unreliable test-suite, we don't care about qt bindings on s390x
615+force-badtest python-qtpy/1.3.1-1build1/s390x
617+# rbalint: arm64 testbed hard-reboots breaking shutdown test LP: #1748280
618+force-badtest unattended-upgrades/all/arm64
620+# xnox: dgit fails its ADT tests with new gnupg2, filed
621+force-badtest dgit/4.3
623+# Odd_Bloke: 3 tests (of 386) are failing; they are all failing because the
624+# formatting of tracebacks has changed between Ruby 2.3 and 2.5
625+force-badtest ruby-test-unit/3.2.5-1


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