Code review comment for lp:~agateau/unity-2d/unity-core

Aurélien Gâteau (agateau) wrote :

> * Height of 24 pixels is hardcoded in various places. It would be nice to
> define it only once.

Yes, I got rid of a few of them in the use-gtk-rendering branch, but there are a few remainings.

> * Texts in panel do not have a shadow (sunken) like in Unity 3D.
> * In the indicator with the username displayed in it (is it called 'me
> menu'?), the icon is not vertically centered like in Unity 3D.

Both fixed in use-gtk-rendering.

> * In panel/applets/appname/menubarwidget.cpp:
> bool MenuBarWidget::isOpened() const
> {
> // FIXME
> [...]
> What is the FIXME about?

I just forgot to remove the comment. Fixed.

> * Do you know why does the shared panel backend need to know about the
> geometry of the indicators?

This is for accessibility support.

> Have you tested the new panel with multiple monitors? I don't have the means
> to do it at the moment unfortunately.

No I haven't. Will do.

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